Location: Bribie Island, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Nov 1998

Terrain: Thick bush and mangrove swamp near large saltwater estuary.



It was about 11-12pm and Mr B was on his way home from the club driving along Bribie Island Road he was driving through some thick bush with swamp just back a bit either side of the road ( it opens into a large swamp land surrounded by thick bush and tall grass there are also freshwater lagoons in this area).

He was doing about 70km per hour, when a large hairy man jumped out of the bush in front of the car.

Mr B hit the brakes and the creature estimated at 7-8 feet tall. He then turned and looked at him running off into the bush towards the estuary. Mr B is not a drinker and is an older gentleman I would consider his judgment and report to be Highly credible as he is a well respected person in this area.

Mr B also has seen a yowie before 15 years ago at a friend's place in the bush near Cessnock N.S.W. He and his friends family were all inside this pole type house one night in the bush.

The weather was foul an cold and there was a loud stomping sound as something got up onto the verandah out of the weather The window was open and this horrible strong smell came into the house. They looked out and could see the animal in the corner on the verandah.

They had known about the yowie for a while but it had never came up to the house like this before, Mr B and friends made noises and yelled at it. The yowie is said to have jumped off the verandah and went underneath. They stamped on the floor and tried to scar it away but it wouldn't go out in the storm so they called the Police and told them there was someone hiding under their verandah.

The police arrived to investigate, and as they drove in, the flash of the headlights of the Police car scared the yowie away. By the time the Police came to the door, he was nowhere to be seen.






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