Location: Dalby Queensland (SW, Gulera Road)

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: March 27th, 2013

Time: 1.30pm

Terrain: Paddocks plus dense scrub.





It was Easter, about two months ago. I had picked up some Easter Eggs. I was driving back to camp. I’m a Chef. It was broad daylight, must have been about midday or early afternoon or something, 1.30 - 2 O’Clock.

Its basically farming property, a lot of Gas drilling actually. It’s one of the biggest Gas drilling areas in Australia. About 35kms out of Dalby. 


I was doing about 100kmphr and this black being jumped across the road. I thought it was a Kangaroo initially. Then I thought straight away, Kangaroos are not that colour. It was big. If it was a Kangaroo it would have been about 8 feet tall.


Then as I was driving past, I didn’t slow down or anything, I turned my head to the left and it looked like this hairy beast going over the fence or going through it or something. 

Trees either side, so you can’t see into paddocks or anything.


I saw this beast. It was pretty quick. Went across the road.


[Paul asks about distance]


Awww, enough to make it out. Not that far away. Maybe 10 or 15 metres.


I really only saw the arse of it. It was hairy and had a Human shape. Definitely not a Kangaroo.


It wasn’t Human like you and me. It was Human shape but covered in hair from head to toe. Not the sort of thing you talk about, you know. People have a laugh.


It was broad. Broader than me. Big arse and legs. Bent down a bit.


Make me think why it stopped to scale the fence. Could have jumped over it at that speed.








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