Location: Deepwater National Park (Agnes Waters), Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 04/05/2014

Time: 9.30am

Witness: Ms. O




Our property backs onto the National Park, and I’ve lived there my whole life. A lot of freaky things happen here.


Firstly about 2 years ago at 2o’clock in the morning we woke to something running around in the bush screaming. It sounded like a “Help, help, help”. My Dad rushed out with a flash light, and suddenly the batteries went flat. He looked down in one direction of the bush and saw these massive red eyes that stood about 9ft off the ground. My Dad is 6’2” and massive, and he started throwing rocks at it and it started coming towards him. He looked down the other way and there was another one, so he decided to get out of there.


Dad ran back to the house and locked the place up and wouldn’t go back out there for days. And a few days later, it happened again. It was running around the back of the house and cast a big shadow, it was massive.


Myself and my Dad set out at about 9am for a motorbike ride through the National Park. We went down a track about 5kms and came across a swampy area that we couldn’t pass, so we turned around and started back.


Dad was ahead of me when my motorbike stalled near a fire trail about 8 – 10m wide. I saw something in the tree line like a shadow. It looked like it was crouching down. I was straining to see what it was when it stood up and walked into the middle of the track. It was taller than the tree regrowth and they were probably 8ft tall. It just stood there looking at me.

It was really broad across the shoulders, and it looked like its head was just sitting on its shoulders. It was hunched a little and the arms hung just below the knees. It was dark brown, almost black. There was no way it was human. Its chest, arms and legs were and head were huge. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It didn’t move, just stood there looking at me. It also had its chest out like it was trying to intimidate.



I had this feeling of danger. It was scary. I took off after my Dad and was yelling out for him but he couldn’t hear me until I got up onto the top track. That took about 2 minutes. I told him what I saw and we rode home.


For the next week, I wouldn’t even walk to the bus stop alone.









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