Location: Lamington National Park, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1988

Time: 8.30pm




Back in my teenage years from 12 until about 21, we would spend every weekend of holiday up at Lamington.


We had just finished a full day of hard hiking to the Lost World Plataea. There was my youngest brother and my youngest brother’s mate and a couple of others. There were 5 of us with the youngest being about 11 years old.



It would have been reasonably late in the evening, probably about 8.30 or so after a blistering hot day and a thunder storm. We stopped and make camp right on the edge of the Rain Forest in a grassy area and started a camp fire.

There was a flash of lightning and myself and my brother saw it at the same time. We looked at each other and said “Is that what I think we saw”? Lightning flashed again and we saw him walking off.

We had a side on view of it walking, slightly hunched over, probably about 7ft tall, and covered in matted hair.

It would have only been about less than 10 feet away. Just in the tree line.


It was just strolling through the bush and just kept on going. It was easily 7ft tall. Would have weight at least 110 – 120kg, it was pretty big. It was pretty solid. Pretty well built. It was hunched over, but walking like a person.


I only got a side view of its face. More of a profile. I would say more ape’ish than Human. Its hair was an orangey-brown. Probably a bit lighter than an Orangutan. The hair was like an old English Sheep Dog, a bit long and matted.


 We didn’t tell the others until the next day, because we didn’t want to spin the young one out.


There were other times we had been there we felt we were being tracked. We spent a lot of time there and often felt we were being followed.


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