Location: Lake Tinaroo, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2015

Time: Late Afternoon

[Male Witness]





I was in the Army in those days, based in Townsville and had a weekend off. From Townsville it’s not too far, about 4 hours or so.  We were heading up there to camp. I had my brother with me, his girlfriend at the time and my girlfriend at the time. We wanted to set up camp before dark, so we were in a bit of a hurry.


We were going down a single vehicle track, doing about 50 – 60k’s through the bush when I’ve looked and said “What the hell is that?” It was about 100m in front of the car on a left hand verge and my brothers girlfriend looks and said “I don’t know”, or something like that. I was driving a Falcon at the time and I sped up to see what it was.


I’ve been in the infantry and worked in the bush, so I’ve seen what Queensland has to offer in the bush, but I didn’t know what this was. By the time we got there, it was gone. I reckon it went to ground or to cover, so it was smart.


When we first saw it, it was crouching on the side of the road, not fully standing. It was thick set. Then it was crouching and moving, and out of there. It rose about 30cm as it moved, to a height of about 6ft. What was unusual was the shape and the way it moved. It reminded me of something like Chewbacca off Star Wars with a thick matted furry coat, not overly long. Dark brown in colour. It was a thicker set than a normal human, perhaps about 140kg. He was solid and thick set. I could see the upper torso and arms.


I know what I saw. I’ve been in the bush for a long time.


I hit the accelerator and went to the spot. I think maybe I should have stopped the car and had a look. But what if this thing went crazy. He didn’t hear me coming and I just caught him in the open. I caught him when he was turning from being front on to me to turning to the side. He turned or twisted to move off. I caught him by surprise. I saw it straight away.


I spoke to one of the other guys in the Army about it one night, and he said that his father lived around there and had also seen a Yowie. That was about 10 – 15 years earlier.








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