Location: Woolooga, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2008

Time: 6.45am



We left Harvey Bay at about 6 O’clock in the morning, through Maryborough and down the Woolooga Road towards Kilkivan. Between Wide Bay Road and Woolooga, the creature was standing on the left hand side of the road in scrubby bushland. It was fenced further on into a farm, but the side of the road was scrubby bush about 1 metre high with a few tall trees.



The creature locked eyes on me and as I went passed and I was locked onto him. He was about 5ft tall, it was black and had shortish hair. It wasn’t as long as an Orangutan, but it was about the same height as an Orangutan. It was only about 5m away from the car.


I had a camera loaded with film with me in the car and I asked my husband to stop and go back, and he asked why and what for. When we reached the next town I asked him to turn around and go back because I wanted to take a photo of what I saw but he wouldn’t stop. My husband didn’t see it because he was driving and he’s not quite as observant as myself. He didn’t believe what I saw. He said it was probably a cow, but it wasn’t. I’ve never seen anything like it before and I’ve never seen anything like it since.


It was definitely an ape’ish type of creature. It had brown eyes, not human, but more animal like. I saw it at a distance and we were coming up to it and we licked eyes and I turned my head still looking at it when we drove passed. It didn’t move, just moved its eyes and head to watch me as we passed. It had more of a chimps face. Hair all over its body and a thick neck. It wasn’t fat or stocky, but it was well muscled. The shape of it was more ape’ish than human. The arms were longer than a humans, just below the knees.



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