Location: Woolooga, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2012

Time: 11am




I was driving along the Wide Bay Highway in my Toyota Orion. It was a beautiful day, so it may have been around summer. I was with my nephew Leonard, who was only about 6 to 8 years younger than me. I was running him home to Kilkivan.


We were driving along near the Woolooga turn off and up from a steep’ish bank on the left side of the road came a Yowie, and within two or three strides it was standing on the right verge. It stood there for a second and then quarter turned to look at us and without looking back, it jumped over the table drain.


I don’t think it would have taken us any more than 2 or 3 seconds to get to where it had been and there was nothing to see. There was just your standard wire fence and on the other side of that was knee to thigh high grass and a good 80 to a 100 metres up to the tree line. Even if it had made it to the tree line, I think we still would have seen him. Leonard said that he thought it must have laid down in the grass, but I wasn’t going to stop and have a look.


On the left were sparse trees with the odd cow wandering around. On the right it was steeper and a lot more heavily wooded.


We weren’t prepared to see it. It just came across the road, turned momentarily and then gone.


It was BIG. I’m a sizable lad, but this was big. When I first saw it, I thought it was some kind of homeless swaggie. It was so broad across the shoulders I thought it must have been a swag under a coat, but when I looked I saw that it wasn’t a man.


It was at least 7ft or taller. I’m 6ft and it would have towered over me. It was very thick in the chest. From front to back I would say it was a couple of feet deep. When it did the quarter turn towards us, you could see this thing had muscles. Its chest was like nothing I’ve seen before. My brain was trying to tell me it was a cow standing on its back legs, that was it trying to rationalise what I was seeing, because that was about the size of it.


Witness Sketch of the Wolooga Yowie


People have told me about Yowies and that, but I thought they were just pulling my leg. I wasn’t mentally prepared to see it. We both clearly saw it and we were both staggered at the size of it. Couldn’t believe it.


It was really top heavy up around the shoulders and the head didn’t really sit on a neck. It was like a grey colour and the hair looked like upside down feathers in terms of the shape – maybe it was matted or something like that. It was shaggy but the shags came to a point when they hung down. The face struck me; on the cheeks it was hair free, I couldn’t really see the eyes because they were so deep set with the eyebrow ridges, it was like someone wearing sunglasses. I could see a nose. The legs were huge. Really huge. The arms were bigger than my thighs. And huge hands.


It turned from its waist and towards us and then leapt off its right leg like someone doing a long jump and was gone. When it turned, it didn’t turn its head like you are I would, it seemed to turn its whole body to look. I think we caught him by surprise, I don’t think he expected to see us at all. He was just striding across like he owned the place.


Leonard said “Are you going to stop?”, I said not on your nelly.


I was a bit in awe. I didn’t feel threatened because I was in a car. What prompted me to come forward was after listening to the lady who saw two just near there. She must have been crapping herself because she was only going slowly.





Leonard worked for a company in Nerangba. It was a saw mill and they made pallets. They brought 5 acres just on the east side of Kilkivan where he lived. It was just off the Wide Bay Highway on the left. Just before you get into Kilkivan there’s a hill, it was half way up that.


He had built a hen house where he had quite a few Chooks. After a while he noticed the Chooks were going missing. When he built it, he’d put steel mesh down about a foot or so into the ground to keep anything from digging under it.


He started finding dead snakes with their heads jammed into the chicken wire, and a chook missing, but the door was still closed (and latched). He began thinking someone was stealing his chooks because whoever was doing it was closing the door. Then he found a dead rabbit that was left outside the door.


He told this to one of the guys he worked with who was an Aboriginal fellow, and he said that some Yowies will trade. But Leonard never a Yowie or even any footprints.


Then he built his 4 year old daughter a sand pit with a wooden lid so none of the vermin could get in and sometimes she used to get up early and play in the new sand pit. One morning she went out and came back in saying ‘Snake, Snake’, and here’s this dead black snake on top of the lid. That’s when he phoned me and said that he’ll have to get himself some motion detector lights. After then he never had a problem.


After the Aboriginal guy told him he may have a trader on his hands, he started leaving things out to try and stop it from taking the Chooks. Somethings they took and some things they didn’t. They left the Bananas, but took the apples and pears and things like that.


Leonard has passed away now. He was living in that house from about 1999 to 2007.


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