Location: Gympie (East), Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1989

Time: Day


Myself and my brother were hitchhiking along Tin Can Bay Road (near the corner of Kin Kin Road), and we saw this thing ahead wander up an embankment onto the side of the road.



It started walking down the side of the road towards us, we could see it clearly. It was a bright sunshiny day. We were both standing there gobsmacked. Then it turned and crossed the road and kept walking down that side. You see Documentaries where monkeys walk with their arms up in the air, well this thing was comfortable standing upright and we could see its arms swinging. We would have been watching it for a few minutes and it got to about 30m away from us and a car came, and it suddenly walked off the road into the long grass.


Normally we would have walked towards it and checked it out, but it was almost like it had some kind of spell on us because we didn’t move. We just stood there watching it and it wasn’t scared of us and we weren’t scared of it.


It was walking like a person, totally covered in hair and only 3 to 4ft tall. It was hairy all over. Probably an inch or so long, grey brown. It only had a short neck.  

It was really bizarre.



The car stopped and we got a ride home. It wasn’t until we got home until we started talking about it and wanted to go back. It was very strange that we didn’t want to chase it at the time, because we were the types that would have normally.


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