Location: Canungra, Queensland 1986

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 21st March 1986

Time: 6pm



I was a soldier at Canungra. I was driving from Nerang to the Canungra Army Camp and it happened about 3 to 4km prior to Canungra.


I was coming around a corner, it was pretty lonely and nobody else on the road, and about 30m ahead of me this thing came out across the road. I had to put my foot on the brake so I didn’t hit it. I knew there were soldiers in the area, but I knew this was no soldier – it was far too big. It would have been about the size of a full grown cow standing up and running across the road. It was huge. And Soldiers don’t run out onto the road in front of cars.


It came from my right. After then, I think I just drove dumbfounded with all my hair standing up on end. It was huge.


[Dean Harrison standing at the location of the Yowie Sighting in 1999]



The guys in infantry out there, they say they have seen quite a few in the bush around the Land Warfare Centre.


It was taking very large strides. It was about 2 ½ to 3m tall. I’m 80kg, and this would have been twice my weight and a bit more, easily. Probably 200+ kilos.


It was covered in dark hair. A blackish/brown. It was very untidy hair, about 10-20cm long. It wasn’t standing straight up and down like a Human, it was leaning forward a bit. It had a short neck. It had a funny shaped head. It wasn’t Human. If you had a circle and pushed in both sides, then squash it down a bit on the side of the top. Like an egg but with a bit of the side of the top pushed in. Similar to a Gorillas head. It was very solid. It was running.               



I slowed down a bit so I wouldn’t hit it. I was in awe.


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