Location: Witheren, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2015

Time: 5pm



I was living at Lower Beechmont and heading down to Canungra on the Beechmont-Canungra Road, I was cruising around an S-Bend in my truck and this thing came out from the right side of the road right in front of me, and back into the scrub on the other side.


It was huge. It had a big body mass. I’m a big guy, but this thing was so thick from its chest to its back. Its head looked like it had been shrunk down into its body, like no neck. It also has a funny walk. It wasn’t far away. About 20-30 metres and I had a good look at it.


I was sitting high up in the truck, I was driving down hill and its head was sitting level with me. It was massive. I’m 6ft. It would have towered over me. I would say it would have been anywhere between 8 – 10ft tall. It was big. It was huge. It was the body mass that got me, it was the size of the body. How thick it was.


The hair had a reddish brown tinge to it. It had hair all over it. It looked matted. The arms were long. It just casually walked across the road. It didn’t run.

The way it walked, I can’t describe. It had an awkward walk. It looked like it was floating. It glided across the road.



I had another occasion when I was dropping off some old fruit at the Refuse Station near Nunimbah Valley. These two old ladies came out of the bush and said don’t do that, because Big Red will get into those. I asked what Big Red was, thinking it was a Kangaroo and they said ‘You’re not from around here, are you!’. I said I was from Beechmont and they said you have them there too. Then they basically said Yowie. They said he is often seen around the tip and is known to be a bit of a local there.



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