Location: Kilcoy (Deer Reserve), Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: September, 2000

Time: 1pm



Mother: I was taking 4 boys looking for Yabbies, at a Creek bank near Deer Reserve Campsite at Kilcoy. We went into the dry creek bed and followed that down until we found some.


Then all of a sudden we heard this humungous noise coming through the bush - a lot of noise rustling in the bush as though something large was running away on other side of creek from us. It’s seemed like a long time, probably about 30 seconds or so. It was on the other side of the trees, and my son saw this large white gorilla like creature walking across the track. I couldn’t see it from where I was standing.


Later we quizzed him about it and he said it was twice my size and looked at him with an angry face. He thought it was a big Gorilla. It walked heavily and slouched - did not make sound when stood on a rock.  He saw side view of face.  It looked ugly and angry when he glanced at my son.  It then ran into bush away from us.


He said it was very tall. It was walking about 3m away. It was white and had a grey face. It had long arms and was bent over.

It sounded very large. It was all a bit scary actually.


The area in which it was sighted is famous in Queensland for its Yowies and has a statue as a tourist attraction in its rest park. 

It is also an isolated area which is only used by forestry loggers during harvest time and school children about three/four times a year for school camps and the occasional weekend visitor. 






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