Location:  Mt Kilcoy (Sandy Creek), Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1993

Terrain: Pine Forest




THE STORY: The farming family in concern believed that somebody was harassing them on their property.

They complained that someone was coming onto the property and disturbing farm machinery, walking on the verandah at night and purposely urinating in the dog bowl.

One nite the man of the household observed a large shadow of a ? person reflected onto the wall of the house from an insect florescent zapper. The family contacted the Police about the harassment.

 It was thought at the time that the harassment was coming from a neighbouring property with delinquent children. The Police advised that they could do nothing unless they had some evidence to work with.

So the farmer decided to take matters into his own hands. One nite he organised some friends to come around with their guns to give this ? person a hell of a fright.

This farmers house was built on a hill overlooking a paddock viewing onto a tall grass plain land. The grass area was about 5 to 6 feet high.

Early into the evening as the full moon was rising they all noticed a large a large ? person/creature in the grass area, head and shoulders above it.

The distance was around 100 meters ,but with the full moon light the object was plainly in view.(At this stage they all still believed that it was a human) They had 8 guns between them, a few shot guns but mainly high powered rifles.

They aimed in the air above the object and let off an impressive show of fire power that would scare any creature.

The person/creature took off back through the bushes, that was the last they saw of it that night. However the following night the creature was observed again in the grassland area.

Apparently the harassment continued intermittently for the next few months than ceased for good. One of this farmers friends who took part in the gun fire stated that often he would help the farmer with his fencing and suddenly would feel that he was being watched by something or someone.

At the time it was mentioned that the harassment could be due to Yowie activity as Yowie sightings have been recorded in the area, however this suggestion was generally laughed at.

In discussing this encounter many years later ,with the help of insight to how the yowie operates, this encounter was very likely to have Yowie involvement. No sane human being would come back onto the property after being shot at with so many guns.


Regards Andrew (Ipswich QLD)







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