Location: Tin Can Bay, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1998 (and 1979)

Time: Night





In October 1979 Dad nearly hit one. It was late at night (coming back from the Hospital because mother had a baby), and we were coming around the corner and it was in front of us, I was asleep in the back seat, Dad hit the brakes, I hit the back of the driver’s seat in front of me, I hopped up and looked and there it was in front of us. Mum and Dad were yelling at each other.


You could only see the top half in the headlights. Then it dropped to all fours and ran, then it went back to two legs again, stopped and looked at us and then went off.


Dad was like, “I should have hit it, I should have hit it” and Mum was like “I have the baby” because Mum just had the baby and they were yelling at each other.


I remember looking at it, and it was standing there looking at us in the headlights. It was big. Like a big monster. It was standing on two legs, it was big and it was black and hairy. It dropped to the ground like a bear, and rose back up again and watched us.


Back at that stage back in 79’ there was a gentleman who was chased at the local Tip, the Ambulance man had seen it and there were lots of sightings back then. It was just behind the Ambulance station was where we saw it.


Then in 1997 or 98 in Tin Can Bay, were working late at night in the workshop (It was a country workshop on a rural bush property), and we could hear something come up along the side of the shed, and then banging on the side of the shed. The dog had come rushing in. We thought it was kids until it actually walked into the shed. I was under a car changing oil at the time. I froze, like don’t breath, don’t make a sound. It knocked a heap of batteries over. There was a battery stand and it had tipped it over. My boyfriend who I was with locked himself in the toilet, he didn’t see it, but he could hear all the noise and saw the damage afterwards. The dog was scared – ran and hid. I was peeing myself and was hiding under a tarp hoping it wouldn’t see me. The dog went into the office and hid in there yelping which was odd for her because she was a cattle dog.


There were two cars in the shed. I was on the far side away from it.


It walked in through the door, threw a few things around, knocked the batteries over that normally took two fellas to lift, he pushed that over like nothing and threw some alternators and starter motors around at the wall.


My boyfriend started yelling and called out that he was phoning the Police.


It then came over by the bin. By this stage I have actually peed myself and thinking it was going to kill me. You don’t know what they are going to do to you. They have so much strength. I have nowhere to go. I’m literally underneath a car.


All of a sudden it stopped and walked out of the shed like nothing had happened.


About 10 minutes later the Police came, and we told them what happened and they were just laughing at us. They walked around and couldn’t see anything. They said it was probably just someone playing around, but I saw it from beneath the car and tried to explain it to them but they were like “Whatever”. They told me to go home and go to sleep. They didn’t even write it down.


The scream it let out, I have never ever heard anything like it. It made the hair stick up on the back of my neck. Scary. It didn’t make any noise when it was in the shed. You could hear it breathing, but that’s it. It wasn’t until it let when it screamed. It sounded like a baby was hurt and it was screaming but like a mature man doing that type of screaming. Made my hair stand up. It screamed for around 30 seconds.


The Tip is where I think it’s been living since day one. The bush where the workshop was, is linked to the Tip. In 1979 a guy was chased there. They said when they found him, he was a mess but people didn’t believe him and called him a looney. The oldies there know, but the newer generation don’t. My mother was 15 when she saw one going through the garbage bin and they locked themselves in the house. That would have been 1967. So yeah, they’re there.


In 1979 when we saw that one, afterwards my Dad tried to tell me it was a dog. I said no it was a monster and he just said it was a big dog and no monsters were coming. The best he came up with was it was a big St. Bernard with long hair sitting up begging!


When I was older I asked why he lied to me, then it came out that Mum and Dad had seen them a few times.


This is something that most people can’t comprehend, but it’s something people need to know about.







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