Location: Beechmont, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Summer, 2010

Time: Night





I was walking back from a party on Bottle Tree Lane. Bottle Tree Lane backs on to a rugged bushy Reserve in the mountains.


The party was for a younger person, so the music was loud and would have been echoing into the bush. This thing came out of the bush and roared its head off at me while I was walking back to my house. I think it was actually drawn out because it was annoyed about music or something.


I only lived about 200 metres up the road, and this thing came out and roared. It screamed at me. I was with a friend of mine who lived down stairs of my house at the time. I know what Koalas sound like and this was no koala. Then this thing went crash crash crash as it was running through the forest breaking branches. I didn’t believe in Yowies until then. I do now. We got a fright. It was so damn loud. It came out about 10ft from the bush. It really roared. You could tell it was angry. I think it was angry about the music. It really told us off. It was not happy.


We ran. We only had about 100ft or so to make it back to my house and it ran making big crashing noises through the bush and ripping branches off trees.


Sometimes at night we get this really disgusting smell. During summer I leave the windows open and there is this really foul smell. I think sometimes they come up around my house. It’s a disgusting smell. When I’ve gone outside to investigate I could hear this crash crash crash running away. It’s no Kangaroo. They make a different noise.


A friend of mine had a clear sighting on one running across the road at Beechmont. She was with her boyfriend and he also saw it. This happened high up the mountain. She emailed Dean about it. It ran across the road and scaled the fence really easily. She described it quite well and that was definitely a male and very muscular.









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