Location: Beachmere, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1982

Time: 11.30pm





Three of us were out on our bikes one night looking for friends camping in near the beach in a bushland settings around Beachmere. It was full moon light.


We went to this spooky place called Brooks Gutter about 11.30pm which has a bush track off the main dirt road to the beach. Two of us ran in from the main road along the track in the moonlight to look for the campers with my dog. We grew up in the bush and didn't use lights at night. We heard a sound in the bush which we just took for a kangaroo or pig and just kept going along the track.

When we got to the beach, there were no campers there, so we ran back along to track back to the main road. We heard the noise again in the bush and the dog was growling slowly, we stopped to see a large human type figure look right at us from 15 metres away in knee deep in blade grass in an open forest.


We walked along the track and the figure walked along slowly taking huge steps opposite us, when we stopped it stopped, when we walked, it walked taking slow long steps with a swoosh sound as its legs went through the blade grass waving its arms side by side, it was at least 7 to 8 feet high. The blade grass was up to just above its knees.


It was like a stare-off looking at each other. It was about 20 meters away. When it stood there, its arms were down by its side, but when it started walking the arms swung from side to side. That’s the way he ran as well. It was dark brown in colour. It was like a huge big solid man. It was quite a straight up and down type figure and thick.


This encounter would have lasted 5 minutes.

It was covered in longish hair. The face area was a bit lighter. It was like a big hairy man. There was no smell that I can recall. It would have weighed over 150kg at least.


We stopped and called out mate on the main road to come in as we just watched the animal. My friend ran in along the track the track to find us. He thought we were playing a trick on him and was calling out to us, we were yelling for him to come quickly as there was a yowie is the bush.


He joined us after a few minutes and then the yowie got scared and began to run away from us in slow giant steps with loud thuds as its feet came down.


The three of us and my dog chased it for about 300 metres into a forest. We were all super fit young footballers and kept up with the yowie for about 250 metres in full sprint but it was pulling away, we stopped all puffed out and my dog kept going chasing it into a dry tea tree forest before it disappeared.




I and one of my friends from that night, remember that night like yesterday.







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