Location: Malanda, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2000

Time: 2-3pm

Witnesses interviewed at the age of 85 in October 2018.




[Husband]: We were driving from Malanda, in the Atherton Table lands, to Ravenshoe (Daughter’s house). We were just going through the forest, but it’s mainly dairy land with dairy farms and forest here and there. We were going through the forest when it appeared in front of us.


It was on our side of the road, and it looked up at us and then took off, and disappeared into the tree line into the forest. It was very gorilla like. Very hairy. It disappeared into the forest. We all looked for it as we went passed, including my granddaughter. It must have jumped over all the under growth. We kept on driving, a little bit flabbergasted. It looked like it was hopping a bit rather than running.


There was a farm about a kilometre or two up the road. I should have stopped and asked if they had seen anything, but never did.


It had come across the road, stopped and looked at us, saw us coming and then took several leaps across the road straight into the bush. I slowed down a bit because I didn’t know what was going on.


It was tall and broad shoulders, and very hairy. It was definitely tall and had long arms. It was definitely a dark brown and resembled a gorilla.


Myself and my wife had our granddaughter in the car at the time. Back then she would have been about 9 or 10. I spoke to her on the phone this morning and we talked about it. She remembers it and gave the exact same details as I’m giving you. She saw everything perfectly. She said it was doing kangaroo like hops across the road.

It would have been about 6’5” tall.




[Wife]: First off, it kind of stood on the side of the road. It was on a slight bend as we were approaching. This man stood on the side of the road. As we were getting closer, we could see this wasn’t any normal man by any means. He looked at us, hesitated, and then took off across the road. BY that time we were quite a bit nearer.


He was hairy, tall and big. Quite broad. He did more of a hop, skip and a jump. It wasn’t a run like a normal human. It was a peculiar gate. He shot across the road and all three of us said at once ‘What’s that!’ – just like that. I remember it like it was yesterday.


As we got to the corner where we was, we looked. We were looking to see where he had gone. It was such thick, dense bush. It looked almost impossible for him to disappear just like that, but he did.


Its arms were longer than normal.

We had never heard of a Yowie. When we got there, we told them about what we had seen and my daughters partner said, ‘That would have been a Yowie’. Then he described one for us a bit more.


It was tall, manlike figure, hairy, almost gorilla like face. When he went across the road he lend forward. This thing seemed to hop. It was most peculiar. His arms looked longer than normal. It definitely didn’t want to be seen. When he saw the car, he hesitated then decided to go. We got to the spot where he went, it looked unfathomable that he could have gone through that bush.


It was all very interesting.


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