Location: Logan Village, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: February, 2017

Time: 10.38pm






I was driving home from my partner’s house on the Gold Coast. I turned onto Stegmann Road and the second I turned the corner I saw an animal. They were doing roadworks at that stage so I was going slowly at the time.


Firstly I saw what I thought may have been a dog, but it when I drew level with it, I saw it was about 7ft tall and crouched down. It was shaped like a Human. I got about 20 to 30 metres past it and I needed to have another look, so I turned around. When I got back to the spot it was still there. It was foraging through the ditch. There must have been food or something. It was squatted down foraging like a Human.


I stopped the car, opened the door and said ‘What the F’. I put my foot out the door, it stood up, looked at me, turned around and legged it straight for the bush.


The eyes were bright green and it had greyish black hair. I could never have been anything else other than a Yowie. It was crouch down like a Human, that’s why it looked like a dog initially, but when I stopped and got out of the car it stood up and it was a good foot and a half taller than what I am. It looked at me with piercing green eyes, then turned around and legged it. The way it took off, it would have beaten Usain Bolt. I was only 20 feet away from it. How I describe it was, it looked like an Olympic sprinter get off the blocks. When it took off, it clipped a street sign with its head. So it was pretty tall.


The arms and legs were very thick, although it had a soggy core. The arms and legs were muscular and thick. The head is what really surprised me because it had an elongated snout, much like a dog was my first impression. But its head was the same shape as my head. Basically it was a slightly elongated snout down to where the mouth is, but it had a Human shaped head. The bottom part of the face protruded a bit. Sort of like a primate type of look. Or Dogman. It had a completely hairy face, but with really piercing green eyes, that’s what caught my attention.


The hair on the face was exactly the same as what’s on the body, it was fairly course looking. It was a greyish kind of black in the headlights of the car. Black going grey, salt and pepper. The hair wasn’t that long. It was more shaggy and matted.


There was a feral stench. I don’t know whether there was a dead animal in the ditch at the time, but that’s what it smelt like. A dead decomposing flesh.


I went back there the next day with my Dad and we found a large print in the ditch we couldn’t identify. In terms of a Human print, this would have been a size 15 or 16.


When I pulled up it was crouching down like a Human, but I could tell it was so much bigger. And when it stood up, its head touched the street sign. I’ve worked in construction and those signs are set high so you don’t hit your head on them. This thing would have been an easy 7ft.



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