Location: Tugun, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Autumn, 1984

Time: 7/8pm – Full Moon



This would have been back in 1984 – 1985.


I had been out to the movies with a friend and we had returned to her parents’ house. It was inland from the Bird Sanctuary, on the left side of the GC Highway (heading north). It was the beginning of the development, there were only some houses on the flat, and they had just put in some roads up the little hills and there were no houses up there. It was just behind where the Servo’s are. Back in those days there was no residential area behind them. It was no way as built up as it is now.


We had pulled up outside her parents’ house and their house was about the second house from where the houses stopped. It was a full moon at the time and you could see really clearly for a good distance. When we pulled up we could hear the branches making cracking noises, and I just thought it was a Kangaroo or something. We looked across and we saw a full blown Yowie leaning up against the tree. She sort of freaked out a bit and we stood there looking at it for a good 20 – 30 seconds looking at it and it didn’t move.


When it realised we were checking it out, it moved back behind the tree with just its head hanging out peering around the tree, which was classic. She just said I’m out of here and ran off up the stairs. After another 10 – 15 seconds it was still standing there looking at me and I thought, yeah well I’m not standing out here by myself either.


We went inside and told her parents and they just looked and laughed. Looking back on it at the time, it was quite scary. She was petrified. It was quite an interesting occurrence.


The gum tree it was leaning against was a big one and judging by my height being 6ft, this thing would have been 7ft, maybe 8. It was quite big. And the hair on it in that light was a brown colour. Quite shaggy. It was hairy all over. It looks pretty much like all the pictures you’ve seen over the years. It was pretty incredible.  


It was solid. It was very tall, but solid. You could tell it would be really strong. I saw the whole thing just standing there, in a normal stance full frontal, legs together, it was leaning on the tree and just how you would be standing if you were looking at something. Then when it realised we were looking at it, it moved behind the tree.


It was big and it was hairy. The arms did look a little longer than the proportion of a human, not a lot, but you could tell they were longer. You could see how solid it was. The head had a lot of hair, quite shaggy. I had the feeling it was an older one.




The only other strange animal I’ve seen was about two years ago when myself and my daughter saw a strange animal off Currumbin Creek Road. It looked like a cross between a Hyena and a puma. It’s eyes glowed in the reflection of our lights.



I was born in Southport. I’m 58 years old now. When I was younger we saw UFO’s on a couple of occasions on the Gold Coast. One lot were in a group moving in formation, they would go forward and come back forming triangles for about 20 minutes. I got my mother and she came down and saw them too. Then they took off across the sky and faded away. We also saw one off the beach at Main Beach in the 80’s.






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