Location: Torrens Creek (West of Charters Towers), Queensland


Event: Yowie Roadside Sighting


Date: Jan, 2005


Source: UFO Magazine UK titled - The Yowie





For many years some Australians have claimed to have caught a glimpse of what they term the Yowie, an equivalent to America's famous "Bigfoot'. Among the many witnesses who stand by their claims to have seen the creature, is truck driver Rossco Macrae, aged 37.


Rossco says he has seen the hairy creature, shaped like a man, while driving at night over the crossing of the Great Dividing Range between Torrens Creek and Hughenden. He works for a trucking company which delivers mail between Townsville, a north coastal city and Mount Isa, 900 kflometres away.


Rossco is a "tough as nails" and found himself involved in many pub brawls over the years, but he refuses to leave his truck on that section of the Great Dividing Range highway which he travels over four nights a week.


"I first saw the 'Yowie' about two years ago around 9.00am," said Rossco. "It was a giant hairy man about 3 metres tall and holding onto an electricity pole. It was shaking the pole like some animal trying to get its food from a tree.


"It was covered in brown to dark hair and I got a good look at it. I took off at high speed. There is noway I would stop there at night when alone if I'm by myself in the truck - even for a flat tyre or broken muffler," he said.


Rossco claimed to have seen the 'Yowie' about 10 times since, including three sightings this year alone.


"The last time was about 10.00pm at night. It was standing near the highway edge. It scares the hell out of you. I was never scared of anything and I thought the 'Yowie' story was a load of bull, but now I know it isn't," he said.


Rossco has since spoken to a dozen fellow truckers who have also claimed to have seen the 'Yowie' during the night on that particular section of highway.


"We talk amongst ourselves, but the rest will not tell anyone for fear of being ridiculed. They are out there alright," Rossco insisted.


The normally quietly spoken trucker agreed to take researcher Alf Wilson on a mail run to show him where the 'Yowie's' were most often seen. Surprisingly, Rossco believed that the creature was not of the Earth.


"They have to come from UFOS which are in the area all the time, many truckers have seen them at night as well. The 'Yowie' is no way an ordinary animal. It moves very quickly. I reckon they are dropped off by UFOs and live in the many caves that surround this region. They must be doing research to discover how our animals live. Many cows and sheep have been found dead near here," he said.


It took a lot of persuading for Rossco to stop at the scene of one encounter and even then he looked around nervously as Wilson took a series of photographs. The photo-session promptly came to a sudden end when Rossco bellowed, "I want to get out of here as quickly as possible."


The most terrifying incident that Rossco had heard of involving a 'Yowie' was when a trucker stopped for some sleep at a rest area on the highway. "A'Yowie' knocked on the window of the truck and he took off very fast. He won't stop there again," Rossco said.


Rossco said he had spoken with an Aboriginal elder at Julia Creek, 350 kilometres away from the sightings area, and that he was told the 'Yowie' exists.


"His fellow Aborigines see them from time-to-time and they think these creatures are demons," he added.











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