Location: Nunimbah Valley, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: August, 2018

Time: 10pm



Myself and my partner went to the Springbrook Glow Worm caves (Natural Bridge), which is a popular tourist destination. We had spent about an hour and a half there wandering around, then packed up and left. We were about 5 minutes along the Nerang-Murwillumbah road heading back and that’s where we had our encounter.


My partner was driving. I looked up and saw it a second or two before her. A large bipedal creature confidently strolled into the middle of the road approximately 50-75 metres ahead. As we drew a bit closer we saw a pretty confident stride across the road. As the headlights hit it, we could see it quite well. Essentially, what we saw was a large bipedal creature covered in fur. As out lights hit it, it basically got down on all fours and pushed itself forward. It didn’t run which was an odd thing.


It startled my girlfriend quite a bit and gave me quite a shock also. It went from walking very confidently from the bush onto the road, to down on all fours and very quickly moved off the road.


I’ve told a few friends and it was met with a bit of scepticism and taunting. It’s something that just left us scratching our heads. We didn’t have any intention of coming forward. We were just happy to have something that we saw together that we can’t explain.


It was approximately 10 O’clock at night when we drove passed it, and basically what I saw was a large, maybe 6ft, muscular humanoid figure. We could definitely make out some clear features, but I didn’t get a good look at its face. Its feet were quite big. When the headlights hit it, there was definitely a reflection of eyes.


It was a humanoid type of figure – two arms, two legs and a decent sized pair of feet. It was covered in fur. The fur was kind of like a chestnut brown with streaks of lighter fur and quite short. The hair was engrossing and covered the entire creature.


It wasn’t a straight stretch of road. As we came around the sharp corner, it was just there and confidently half way across the road and when it saw us, it certainly didn’t look like it wanted to be around and it took off quite quickly.


A humans head it quite round. This things head seemed a bit elongated.


The creature had a presence, so I wouldn’t call it an animal. Rather than a fight or flight response, it was more methodical. When I say it dropped to all fours, it was more to gain speed. It crouched low to the ground and sprung forward using the front arms to gain speed. These were long and powerful arms.


The hair was short and scruffy. It had the same coverage as a chimpanzee and quite matted.



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