Location: Nunimbah Valley, Queensland

Event: Possible Yowie Encounter

Date: 07-06-2019

Time: 1pm

[Male Witnesses]




We had walked 1 hr onto the track (more of a 4WD dirt road or fire track). We both decided to turn back. We were getting an uneasy feeling of something watching us.


After walking about 500 meters. I did a few calls and a dozen tree knocks. I then got three consecutive knocks back. My mate told me to knock again. I did but nothing happen. We decided to walk on to see what happens. After walking about 100 metres we got a grunt coming from the other side of the creek. I grunted back. At first I thought it was a wild pig but then when expressing that to my mate, he told me there’s no bush pigs around here.


We both then heard rocks being thrown into the creek. We decided to walk and see if it would follow us. After walking 30 meters we got a loud growl. I have never in my life heard such a powerful, long and scary growl. I growled back (definitely wasn’t as loud). I then heard something walk across the creek. It was rushing across the creek, almost like running.


We both then heard something large and heavy start walking through the bush toward us. It was grunting. Sort of like a gurgled grunt. We started picking up the pace, and I was getting quite nervy because I didn’t know what it was making that noise. What ever it was.. it was following us.


We then walked 100 meters until we came to a walkway that takes you down the creek. It links with other trails. We walked down the creek and heard something about 100 metres away start grunting. My mate then pointed out tracks. (Only two were clear as the other were on harder ground. We pointed out large human footprints with a slight groove in the middle and a recognisable big toe. The stride of the prints were about 3.5 metres apart. The first prints were in semi hard soft ground. (The first prints was about 10 meters from the creek).


I was concentrating on the foot prints and the grunting nearby so I was feeling overwhelmed. We both walked down to the creek and found a rock stack and a few large footprints. They were not as clear as the other ones because they were on stones. My mate pointed out what looked like something had ran through the long grass. The grass was quite trampled.


We then heard an extremely and terrifying loud growl that scared us so much we ran for about 5 minutes. We had the feeling of being followed so we tried to keep a fast pace. We could hear something walking in the bush behind us so we kept a fast pace sometimes picking up to a jog.


Every time we stopped to listen for it.. the footsteps would stop also.

Then as we stated the walk again.. it would start walking again.


I have never experienced such a powerful growl. It scared the absolute sh*t out of me.

I know what I heard.








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