Location: Worongary, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Winter, 1982

Time: Dusk




Back when Worongary was called Alkira Park, as kids we used to wander the streets, roller skate and walk through the long grass, and we would visit the creeks etc. A girlfriend of mine lived in a new estate and that would often have very long grass. We used to walk each other halfway home, and then run back to our own homes.


It was just about to get dark and we knew we had to start heading home, so we were walking each other halfway home and as we were about to say goodbye, she screamed. All she could say was “It has eyes, it has eyes!” I was more concerned about how frightened this thing was…. It actually seemed more frightened than we were.


It was trying to hide in the grass from us, and as teenage girls were barrelling through the grass making lots of noise, and we saw this thing trying to hide in the grass and we did the little girly scream and ran off. I felt it was more scared of us.


It was only about 3 or 4ft tall. It was hunched right over, almost like a ball. It was very hairy. It was definitely human in appearance, but far too hairy. I saw the arms, shoulders and the head. It was rather stocky around the shoulders and chest. The hair was a mousey dark brown.  It was in a foetal position, like if you were frightened or not well, with its arms around its legs.


We were only about 3ft away. It stayed still. I don’t think it was an adult. There is nothing else it could have been, other than a Yowie.


The lady across the road used to tell us there was all sorts of things in the bush, including spirits of Aboriginal ancestors. She was a Torres Strait Islander. I used to live in the Nunimbah Valley and people at Advancetown used to talk about Yowies all the time.







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