Location: Woolooga, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 02-10-2022

Time: 2.30pm

[Female Witness]



About 2:30pm on Sunday the 2nd day of October 2022, the Witness was driving in an Easterly direction along the Wide Bay Highway, Queensland, in the Oakview area. 


Her sister was in the front passenger seat, and the Witness was travelling at, or just over, the 100kph speed limit. They had driven from Gatton and were heading towards Curra, having passed through Kilkivan, some ten minutes earlier. The weather was overcast with a light sprinkle of rain, but was otherwise well lit, being close to mid afternoon. 


They came around a bend and were on a straight stretch of Highway, as the Witness caught something out of the corner of her eye about 30 metres from the road to their left, ahead, at a fence line. She saw a figure a bit higher than the fence line, in between an 8 metre gap between two trees, one being a light coloured gum. The figure was jumping over and dropping down on the roadside of the fence into long grass. It then flattened out as if taking cover from being seen by the Witness.


While it was in motion, the Witness distinctly saw it's shoulder, arm, and part of it's head. The figure was very muscular and bulky, and far too big for a possum and estimated to be a little over a metre tall. 


The figure's arm reminded her of an orangutan with a really long muscular arm. The shoulder and arm were covered in long hair rather than fur, and the hair was a deep, rusty, reddy brown colour. 


The sighting was over in the blink of the eye. The Witness immediately asked her sister if she saw what she did and her sister said, "No." The Witness and her sister kept driving. 


The Witness said she was in shock and  went through all the known natural candidates but settled on what she saw, most closely resembling an orangutan. She conceded there are no orangutans or anything similar living in the Australian landscape, and eventually settled on what she saw, as a yowie - one of the smaller variety. 


The Witness has always believed in yowie's and long wanted to see one, especially having seen a black panther in the Australian wild some years ago. 


As this Witness could now tick Yowie off her bucket list, AYR could tick off yet another sighting to the Kilkivan/Oakview area. 







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