Location: Tarampa, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2013

Time: 11am





I was married at the time and living in Laidley. My ex-wife had our two children and heading over to her mother’s house for lunch on a Sunday.


The road she was on is called Brightview Road, and it was a sweeping bend at Tarampa. It’s a very rural area with lots of farms and paddocks with bush corridors along creeks. As she came around the bend, she saw a monkey on the side of the road.


When she came home, she told me about this monkey that she saw on the bend. I didn’t laugh at her because I didn’t want to get her upset, I asked what she meant by a “Monkey”? She said “I saw a monkey. It was standing on the side of the road”. I asked if she was sure, and she said yes, it was a monkey.


She said it was a ginger colour. I said do you mean an orangutan, due to the colour, and she said no, it was a monkey. I tried to hide the smirk on my face.


 She said when she came around the bend, it was on the drivers side of the road in the gravel patch between the road and the bush, she said it was standing there looking at the car with both arms up. The arms were straight up in the air. From the head to the feet it was about 5ft tall, it had scruffy hair and it kept its eyes locked on the car as she went passed with its arms in the air. She looked in the mirrors after she went passed and it was gone.


I’ve done my research since and been through your Website and everything I’ve read and listened to, matches perfectly with what she saw. She said the head was more like a lump on top of the shoulders, like no neck. It had its hands up like a “Stick em’ up” position. This was in the middle of the day. It watched her as she went passed, she looked back in the mirrors and it was gone.


I know the area, there’s no Zoo’s or anything like that. It’s just a rural area.


It had really long arms. The creature was only about 5ft tall, but when it put its hands in the air, they reached up to about 7ft.


At the time, I thought she was nuts. But she knows what she saw.







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