Location: Tarzali, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: July 2016

Time: 9pm





I moved into a rental property with my children and niece in 2016. The house is an old cottage, a Queenslander style, and the back of the house is level with a hill, there’s a veranda around front of the house and the toilet and shower is about 7 metres out the back.


The guy we rented from had only just bought the house. Within the first week I had rocks thrown on the roof. The owner had laid new gravel down the driveway and I found the stones in the garden bed next to the house from where they had bounced off the roof.


Then my eldest son walked out to the bathroom at night and he heard a very loud demonic animal growl and he ran inside and said ‘Mum, there’s something out there’. I had heard it before but ignored it. Not long after that, my son moved down to Canberra for Tafe, so there’s was just myself, my niece and my youngest son.


Then there was a time when I was going to the bathroom and there was this big bang and the animal growl, like it was angry that I was near it. I ran back to the house. It was like a warning that I was too close to it. I had feelings of being watched when I was in the bathroom and the house. Something wasn’t right.


We heard something walking around the paddock for months.


One night there was a vibration. It sounded like a truck idling, but it was coming from above the roof. That lasts for about 10 minutes.


About 9 months later I bought a security torch because I wanted to catch whoever it was walking around the house at night.


I was having a cigarette outside at about 9 O’clock and I heard someone walking. I turned on the torch and saw this creature in the tree and I said to my niece to come out and have a look. It was black and hairy, and was the size of a chimpanzee. It looked like a monkey. As it turned its head, its head was oblong and it had glowing white eyes. It was in the tree with its arms wrapped around and it had its head almost turned all the way around looking at us.



Then we saw two other sets of glowing eyes above this creature on the other side of the tree. Then we saw a set of eyes drop down. It crawled around the tree then stood up looking at us. I could tell it was a female and the small one was the baby. She was about 6ft.


At the back were another set of eyes. They were about 9 or 10ft high and he did not move. He was a few metres behind just watching. He didn’t have a neck and he was all covered in hair.


The tree was about 15 metres away from me, on the other side of the fence inside the paddock.


His head was an oblong shape and when he walked he was bent over a bit. His arms were quite long. On the back of the hand you could see the brown skin.


With the female and the baby, you would see they had a very short neck. With the male, he was really hairy and you couldn’t see his neck. He was a bigger build. His hair was longer. He had really big white glowing almond shaped eyes. The baby didn’t have much hair on its bottom. I could see that she had black fingernails and they were pointy like they were sharp.


She walked with big long strides and was turning to look at us as they walked. Their hands were cupped as they were walking, like a monkey. I could see the skin on the back of her hands and the black sharp nails. The arms were longer than a humans. They walked with big long strides, but it was a lazy walk and the shoulders drooped down. They didn’t have a straight back while walking, it was like an old man walk.


The baby could almost turn its head all the way around. When she came down and crawled around the tree, then stood up and walked her head was looking around in different directions but still looking at us. It was like up down, turn, up down and turn like she was really curious of the torch.



We ran inside, I locked the door and grabbed a big knife. I was S*ing myself. I said to the kids to get in the lounge room, and we could hear 2 of them outside the backdoor making a humming noise. Then at the front of the house we could hear the big ones footsteps coming up the varanda. I said to my niece to stand talking normally, then I started to make up all these stories to keep talking. I ran to the sliding door because it was unlocked. As I locked it, it clicked, and the footsteps stopped behind the door on the veranda. Then I ran back into the lounge. I said to the kids if he gets inside to run to the bedroom and close the door and I will try and deal with whatever happens. But he walked off.


After that night they became really active. Even getting on the roof. I had a bucket inside so the kids could wee in it. We didn’t go outside after 6 O’clock. It was lockdown in the house and we all slept in the one bedroom, and put things up against the window.



I moved out in August of 2016 for the safety of my children.






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