Location: Gogango, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: June, 2000

Time: Early Morning




We were driving from Gladstone, heading for Blackwater quite early in the morning. I had my 8 year old son, my new born baby and my niece with me. We were heading along the Capricorn Highway just before the Gogango Range, and it was on the driver’s side of the road running towards the hills.


It wasn’t really running, more like loping. My niece saw it first and pointed and said “What is that, what is THAT!!” and we all looked and saw it. The kids were freaking out, so we didn’t stop and there were no mobile phones with cameras like these days, so I couldn’t stop to take a picture or anything like that. The kids were like “Go faster”.


It had no neck, quite broad, big. It had reddish orange hair all over it and you could see it coming out behind it as it was loping along. It had long arms. It was upright on two legs. The arms would have reached its knees.

It was huge. It would had to have been 7 to 8ft tall. It was broad and solid. The hair was all over the body and quite long and about the same length all over.


He was side on to us as it was jogging/loping.

There is a house close by and I’ve always wanted to go there and ask if they have ever seen it.


When I got home I told my husband and he was just looking at me and the kids were all saying ‘Yes it’s true, it’s true!!!’ And whenever we drive passed the location I’m always looking at the spot and my husband always says ‘Are you looking for your hairyman!’


After I had told my husband, I phoned my friend and told her about it and she said “Oh you saw a Hairyman”, and I had never heard of them before. She told me a story about her dad and uncle who saw one while delivering milk near Gladstone, so she knew all about it.


I will never forget it. I wish we had a camera or todays mobile phone, but they just weren’t around back then so I could prove what I saw.


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