Location: Cressbrook Creek, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2009

Time: Night





This not about Yowies. But something else.


I am curious if you guys are yowies hunters and go out into bush a lot, have you ever come across things that look like little people but are not human at the same time?


I saw something a few times when I was teenager on this Dairy farm that was by Cressbrook creek on Biarra Rd near hills and Mountains behind Esk and Toogoolwah Queensland. I can’t find any reports of it. My brother saw it also, but not as close as I did one night.


It’s the only weird thing I've seen. I know that what I saw was real and I wasn’t intoxicated or anything and I wasn’t tried or sleepy.


I had felt its presence before and had seen glimpses of it deep in the thickly vegetated part of the creek and often around the hills and Gully behind the Farmhouse. I knew it sometimes followed me on my bushwalks but it never hurt me.


Once or twice it chased me when I was in the bush or in the creek, but in saying that, it was smaller than me and could have been scared. This thing was obviously smart because its knew not to come too close when you were aware of it and we had two little dogs and a Cat that it could have easily killed and eaten but never did.


Anyway one night I saw it up close and got a whole description of what it really looked like rather than just glimpses in the bush land or in distance at night.


Our kitchen had a window that opened up to the grass in the front yard below and to the right is a built undercover area, where our little dogs would sleep. We would sometimes throw kitchen scraps against our mother’s wishes, out the kitchen window thinking the dogs might eat it. But they didn’t always eat everything and being lazy teenager and my older brother being a lazy young men we kept throwing scraps anyway and sometimes they built up under the kitchen window.


One night after dinner and of course throwing out scraps, I went to start on dishes as it was my turn. I heard a sound outside and I walked to the sink where the kitchen window was, and saw this creature kneeling down eating the scraps we threw out.


I froze in fear and disbelief, and wasn’t computing what I was seeing. The creature was still kneeling down eating some scraps. I think I gasped and it turned its hominoid head and it had a look of shock on its face, which then turned into an aggressive look.


I screamed, then the dogs began to bark. As it turned, I turned and ran into the lounge room to where my older brothers were.


The dogs went nuts. My brothers went outside to check in case it was somebody trying to steal stuff. I told them what I saw wasn’t human. My older brother didn’t believe me when I was describing it, and my second older brother told our eldest brother who thinks he knows what I saw because he had seen it himself a few times.


It was grey or very pale in colour but still with some pink in its skin and its veins protruded out of its skin as it looked under nourished. It looked similar to human, but not human. Its eyes looked like a dark yellow from what I could make out and it was mostly hairless accept for strands of hair on its large head.


It had a face like an ugly sick old women but inhuman enough to not be human.


There was also something else weird on its skin, and I couldn't make out if they were sores or scales. The closet thing I can find in appearance is a goblin or as silly as this may sound golem of lord of the rings, accept it was more proportioned to the size of 6 or 7 year old, but skinny and lanky.


I know it's real, but I can’t find any accounts from other people. I know in some aboriginal paintings there are pictures of little white people.

Have you ever heard of come across these things??


I did a quick sketch of how I saw it when it turned its head. From the kitchen window. It was been a long time since then so it is hard to get a full detail.



The local creek system is Cressbrook. I have studied the creek system that follows up the Mountains and goes through Deongwar Forest and Ravensbourne national park, which is between Toowoomba and Esk. I thought it could have come from there.



I've heard a lot of stuff happens north of Toowoomba and between Kingaroy, Bunya mountains and Black Range down to Esk.


To me it would make sense that this thing would stay near a food source. I'll send a screen shot of Farm house from Google maps and then I will send one of it Zoomed out.


This is the closest picture I could find on the Internet.


I hear stories about the Yowie all the time, but I can’t find anything on this thing? I can find things that look similar in Europe or America but not here.




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