Location: Currumbin Valley, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 15th of July, 2019

Time: Various nights






Good Evening Dean


It was late November on a Sunday night with no moon. I was sitting on the back deck which I do must nights with our dog having a cup of tea and a smoke before bed. Around 9.30


This night was very noisy in the Bush with a lot of breaking sticks that were quite constant for about 5 minutes. I thought it was a wallaby trying to get out of the thick rainforest we have down the back which isn't uncommon, as we have had resident wallabies throughout the years.


Anyway it was getting closer and closer, so I was looking to the side of the yard as the sound had cleared the Bush and was making its way towards the house. It wasn't a jumping sound a wallaby makes, it was clear loud footsteps. I moved to the railing to get a closer look and there I saw it.


I bumped something on the deck (I was out there in the dark), and the noise stopped it dead in its tracks, then it turned from the waste looked in our direction and snorted loudly and quickly twice. It was huge and really quick.


It was walking up the side of the property probably about 20 - 25 meters away when I saw it. It was very big and dark I would describe it like a gorilla on steroids. No neck just like a gorilla but not a pointy type of head, but more flat. It had long powerful arms to the side when it turned, like a body builder stance type thing, and it, looked like it was clenching its fists. It turned from the waist to look in my direction when I knocked something. I heard two breaths out kind of like two heavy breaths humf humf like it was pissed off I saw it and interrupted it.


I didn't hang round long enough to have a long look at it but I knew what I'd seen in that very moment.


[My Fella did a walk through and he's say 6’1”. He stood where I saw it and it dwarfed him in stature. I reckon this thing was at least 9 foot tall and 3 - 4 foot across the shoulders.]


The dog and I looked at each other and high tailed it inside our house. The dog was in before me I ran around the house turning all the lights out and then just stood there staring outside in pure terror. I was afraid because this massive thing was so close to the house.


Everyone was asleep, I stood there in our bedroom because it was on that side of the house. My fella woke up because I was trembling and breathing. It took me a while to tell him what I saw.  He got up and looked out but it was so dark he couldn't see anything. A sleepless night. He totally believed me as he has experienced things also but never seen it.


The next night I was out there again at same time but sitting further in the middle of the deck because I was scared to death from what I encountered the previous night. It is a very large deck. Not a few minutes later something huge rushed at the deck where I was standing the night before....  much like the sound of a gorilla makes when rushing through the jungle.


Once again petrified, we high tailed it back inside same as the night before and another sleepless night staring out the window.

I hadn't been down the back yard since first seeing it. Didn't let anyone go down there actually.


Call me a creature of habit but yep the third night we went out there again, the dog and I, and he wouldn't leave my side. This time it was a very loud sound coming from our big shed that side of the house like someone was running and loudly slapping the side of the shed, lasting about half a minute.  Again, terrified, I was up and inside. No lights on. Again went to bed sometimes hearing things hit the side of the house.


I was pretty much a mess, and everyone was asleep no one had heard anything.


The fourth night saw something in the trees beside the house out my bedroom window. It was behind the car crouched with two big bright eyes reflecting yellowy / light green. At times crouching, then moving up and down behind the car for what seemed like a few minutes. It was looking around blinking during the night a couple of loud noises hitting the shed and the side of the house.......


It took me a long while to go down the back or let anyone down there as my Motto was safety in numbers and stay well away from the Bush.....


Then after that, nothing for a while. A few instances since then but nothing like those 4 nights I experienced, but the funny thing is over the years putting things together we are pretty certain this creature visits on a regular basis. The different things we have noticed and heard over time all adds up.


Our youngest was terrified from a very early age when the sun would start fading. He would stay in the house petrified saying “Bush man coming, Bush man coming” every time... He grew out of it when he was about 5.


Tree knocks, snapping trees, trees falling over, having rocks thrown at us and hearing tapping / scratching on Windows and the side of the house, and screams roars - you name it we’ve had it. The dog has moments where he will not leave the house or the deck to go down the back, which is a guide for us that something may be around. I'm sure he has had a very close encounter with it the year before. One night he was staring at something in the back yard and when I let him out, he chased something. I thought it was a wallaby. He went crashing through the Bush, but came back petrified. We thought he broke his shoulder because he didn't move for hours, panting. Looking back, he may have been injured by our visitor.


I have come across weird footprints but didn't think much of them at the time. We have had many experiences here. When the dog was a puppy, my eldest son would take him out the back to at night for toilet training, and one night he came high tailing up to the house saying he had rocks thrown at him from the Bush. He grabbed the dog and pretty much didn't do it again.


Ok the other night the 11th July 2019 my son's heard crashing and breaking of trees and growling out the front in the treed gully to the front and side of our house. Then I heard what sounded like one of the metal dog bowls actually hit the front of the house and bounce on the rocks and concrete close to one of my son's bedrooms. He came flying out terrified.


We turned out the lights and could hear something big moving around outside. We went out on the back deck to listen and heard a tree snap and a knock and what seemed like clicking noises for a few minutes, then nothing.


Early the next morning there was no sign of the bowl.


When we first moved out here my hubby started work at 4 so was up and about at 3 he turned on the kitchen light on and heard an all mighty bellowing roar, then running and crashing through the Bush.


Last night the 14th July, my Daughter came home at 1am and freaked out because she is certain she saw it in the gully. At the front of the house, our driveway is very long and steep with a bend half way down and with trees. She rang me from her car to open the front door and turn the light on before she got out of her locked car. My daughter has seen glimpses of them many times around the property as well.


On 28th of June, it was dark cold rainy night and my Son had a birthday party. Two of his friends, after hearing a few stories, decided to sneak off and go for a walk through the Bush down the backyard. They came back terrified, saying something big ran at them and growled. They described big pounding stomping footsteps like a big bear rushing towards them and then stopping and growling. I couldn't believe it that these 2 drunk teenagers decided to check it out for themselves. They told me they won't do that again anytime soon.


Have a few more stories to tell but they are pretty much the crackers


We are pretty vigilant knowing what's out there, lock up early turn the floodlight on at night out the back and front light on most nights and stay out and away from the bush all the time. Our youngest is not allowed out by himself.


We have decided to move out.








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