Location: Currumbin Valley, Queensland

Event: Rocks thrown

Date: 06 November, 2019

Time: 7.30am


[We are including this story for a reason. Over the two past decades, we have received many Reports of rocks being thrown at people at this location. On top of the rocks being thrown, people are also reporting vocalisations, trees moving and a large shape travelling through the foliage. People have also been followed at night. It has been happening too often and for too long to ignore, so we will document this for other people who are searching online for similar situations in the same location. There have been confirmed sightings in the area].





Myself and a friend were exploring the Currumbin valley rock pools national park. We extended our walk past the old saw mill at the end of the trail. We followed the creek roughly 400 metres further then made our way back. This is where things get strange to say the least.


We had just made our way up out of the creek gorge and my friend who was ahead of me stopped to wait for me to catch up. As I approached him and were just talking, he said what’s that. My attention was immediately drawn to the creek a few metres below. Now I am not for a second suggesting this was Yowie related but thought it was strange.


As we stood there watching the pond below us, suddenly the pond was peppered with rocks. They started as pebble like projectiles about one every 2 secs. The weird thing was it wasn’t like you could see the rocks being lobbed into the pond. It was if they just hit water with no trajectory.


They did get bigger and were accurate to a pattern of around 2 metres square. They seemed to be thrown with force; far greater than gravity would allow. This continued for around 30 seconds. It was literally raining rocks. I didn’t feel threatened just curious as it was evident this was highly unusual.


Quite frankly we were stunned. Then a deep grunt hoot type call came from the bush. Only once. And then it was over. We had the distinct impression we were being warned or ushered out of the area but there was also a playfulness to the event. I was curious enough to climb down and see where the rocks could have come from but after assessing the area - nothing made sense.

I found your site and thought it worth a mention.






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