Location: Yandina, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2016

Time: 1am

[Male Witness of Indigenous Heritage]





We were camped out in the bush doing it a bit tough while we were waiting for a house to become available, instead of lobbing with family, because I’ve got 5 kids. We thought we would do what we always do and my eldest boy grew up in the bush and fishing and hunting is all he knows. But it’s a bit hard taking him back there after what happened there on the Sunshine Coast.


Our Aboriginal land, our birth land is Nambour. My Dad and his family all lived there. My Dad was a staunch old black fella, he don’t tell no lies, and he told me a story about how he saw one out on the Yuleba Creek. Him and his mother and father and 12 brothers and sisters lived in a marque tent with a dirt floor and old pot belly stove.


He told me a story about him and his older brother Bobby and other brother Richard, and my Uncle Peter might have been there too. He [Peter] was crippled and paralysed. All they had was the bush to play in and they used to set up cans and whatever they could find in the bush and throw rocks at them. You’ve never seen anyone throw a rock like my father, he could throw a rock that fella. They were throwing rocks and my father heard footsteps in the creek bed on the stones. He said, ‘I spun around and here it was right in front of me. We all seen it. He stood about 8 & ½ feet tall and he was a dirty off white colour.’ He had big chunks ripped out of his hair like he’d been knuckling with another one, like another Quinken, like there was some territorial dispute going on or something. I asked my Dad if he was scared and he said he wasn’t because ‘it had just come over to check out what they were doing. That’s all he did. He stood there and watched us.’ Dad said they locked eyes and what struck him was he had big human eye balls a bit bigger than a golf ball and it was like looking into another humans eyes.


When I see that Pennsylvania Bigfoot video online, that gives me shivers because I know that’s real. I know that thing because that’s the same as the big dark brown one we seen up the back of Wappa Dam [Yandina]. It would have been about 1 in the morning. When I showed my Dad that video, his face went pale. He said ‘That’s him, that’s the one I seen.’ This is on the other side of the World. Dad said that’s exactly the same as the one he saw out at Yuleba Creek [between Roma and Miles Qld].


My hair stands up every time someone asks me what they are. Either way I look at it, it’s not good.


There was something I was reading on an Indigenous website, that when the Aboriginals came here, they split from the Papua New Guineans. This was about 37,000 years ago. The land bridge still hadn’t been flooded and there was a way across. They found there was already another race of people that were here 20,000 years before that, which makes it 50,000 years ago and these ghost like people just disappeared. I thought maybe the stories have been twisted over the years.


And from what I have been told – they [Yowie] are not living. They are a very ancient entity.


I’ve been studying the Native American Indian culture for the past 10 years and I’ve become very intimate with all that. I have been talking to them for many many years. They know them as well, and they say that these things take us and then we become them.


You would have heard about the junjudi or brown jack, the little fella. My father also seen him as well and said he saw one when he was 15 years old when he was at the Riverview Boys Home. Him and two mates, a little fair skin fella and another darker boy, they used to sneak down the stairs and duck around the corner and smoke rolled up tea leaves because they couldn’t get cigarettes back then. My father was stolen generation. Dad thinks there’s a reason why they come to him, and they came to me a few years back.


I had an incident when I was running pig dogs. I was out hunting one night with the dogs, and this is probably a conversation for another time, but 3 of my 4 dogs were killed. I know that for sure. I only found one of them and he was stuck in the folk of a tree about 14ft up and it looked like his neck had been pulled another foot and a half longer. I had a 300 in the truck [gun], and I bailed out of there and never went back since.

These were stories I’d hear when I was living out at Miles and Chinchilla. Pig dogs are mad dogs, they’ll find anything you want in the bush. I will not go into the bush without a dog. Dogs have a sixth sense that human beings do not have. They know when s*#ts around, they can sense stuff that isn’t human and not living, better than they can sense us, the living people.  


My culture has been told the jujudi can shape shift into little children and con the kids. I was told not to let the kids play outside at night time when I was living up in north Queensland and Gayndah.


I find when you look for them, they’re not there. But when you don’t look….. like that night when my dogs got wrecked, that was just a normal night.


They are an ancient entity. I know when he [Yowie] looked into my eyes one night, and my son’s, I hit him with a 55” light bar. I had a lot of people with me that night, and a Kiwi family with their kids. My brother has never been the same since he saw what he saw. He screamed in a way I’ve never heard a man scream in fear.


We were near the ute. We had 3 tents set up and all the women and kids were in the tents. There was only me, my brother Danny and my best Kiwi mate Kenny. I knew something wasn’t right, and that’s what I’ve found in all the cases.


He [Yowie] was only 10 metres away from me. How we knew something wasn’t right was the bush went dead quiet. Dead quiet. Everything stopped. I looked around and thought something is not right here. Something was not right.


It looked like that Pennsylvania Bigfoot. Exactly the same. Big cone head. He looked like he had muscles from the back of his head down to the outside of his shoulders.


[At first] Everything went quiet and I heard a log break not 15 metres away and it was f’ing loud. The log would have been 2ft round. The crack echoed right through the bush. Danny [who was collecting firewood], dropped the wood and I could see the look on his face when he said ‘There’s something in there, there’s something there’.


I had taken my light bar off the truck a couple of nights before and turned it around to use it as a camp light. I put the bar towards where we heard the crack and I didn’t see nothing until a got about another 30 degrees to the right. I was panning left to right, and he walked behind a massive big tree and squatted down. When he walked behind the tree, he had his back to me, squatted down and spun around real sneaky and peaked out from behind the tree. Squatting down he was taller than I am and I’m about 5ft 10 and a half. He was big. Standing up he was 10 or 11ft tall. Massive. Huge, huge….


He stared straight at me first. He locked eyes with me and I moved the light bar because I wouldn’t have wanted to have a light shining in my eyes, and when he was creeping around the tree he had his head tilted under his brow so the light didn’t f’ his eyes up. But when I moved the light a little to the right, he pulled his head up and stared right in my eyes and my son who was sitting right by my side, was whimpering. I looked at him [son], and it was like he was in trance, his eye balls were big as dinner plates and he’d locked eyes with it too and the tears were rolling down his face and he was quivering, but he couldn’t physically let out a cry and that’s when I put my arm around him. As soon as I put my arm around him, he [Yowie] looked back at me, then back at my son and stared at him and then back at me. My brother was standing to the left of me to the back, about 5 metres away and he started screaming and carrying on. He was f’ing petrified. So was I. But I was always told not to show them fear. Never show them fear.


When my brother screamed, that’s when his [Yowie], eyes changed. He was watching us, like ‘what are you doing’, with big wide eyes, not an evil looking face or expression and I could hear the breathing was heavy, heavy…


I don’t know what they are myself, but I’ve been told they come and go as they please. Our people say their feet are turned backwards, which is why we can never track them or find them. I don’t know. It does my head in, really.


When my brother screamed, he looked at my brother and his eyes changed to angry. Put it this way, his screaming hurt MY ears. I yelled at him and told him to shut his mouth. By that time all the women and kids got up because they heard Danny screaming. It would have echoed through the bush, and people about half a kilometre away would have heard that screaming.


I knew I shouldn’t have been out there that night. Earlier that night just on dark, my mate came out to share a big dinner on the gas cooker and I’d cooked spaghetti bolognaise. Been cooking all day and it was a beautiful big feed. Drove up the top of the dam to get reception and invited them out.


Things were normal on the phone. As soon as they pulled up in the minivan, he got out of the car, went white as a sheet and collapsed on the ground. I’ve known him for 15 years and he’s never done that before.


They can mimic a living creature, that’s for sure. There’s two different types, the beast type and the more human looking one. The one my father saw was the beast one and the one I saw was the same, really coned shape head.


Ever since my son saw it, he’s been having nightmares about it. He dreams its staring at him again. I ask him and he won’t talk about it. When I looked into his [Yowie] eyes, I felt he knew everything about me.


This is the first time I’ve spoken to anybody about it other than my family and who was there that night. That Kiwi couple were my best friends, and ever since that happened they haven’t spoken to me. They blame me, like I brought it there.


I’m Aboriginal loud and proud. I don’t drink and I don’t do drugs. I’ve been in the bush most of my life.


The strange feelings that night started at 6pm when my friends got there and he got out of that car. He went white as a ghost, was wobbling looking around like he didn’t know who he was and fainted. It took me a while to pull him out of it and I asked if he was alright and he said he wouldn’t stay for dinner and would take his kids and missus home. I asked him about it later and all he remembers was getting there, then can’t remember and can’t even remember getting home. About 3 minutes after, the bush went dead quiet. Crickets and frogs instantly went quiet and that’s when my hair stood on end and I felt like I was being watched. Then a few minutes later, there was a CRACK and that scared the sh*t out of me.


The bush knows who he [Yowie] is, and the bush respects him. That’s why when he’s around, everything goes quiet. It’s like all time stops, the wind stops, everything stops. They’ve been here since the beginning of time.









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