Location: Yarrabah, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: October, 2011

Time: 7am 



Hi Dean,

I use to work for careers Australia and we ran a cert 1 carpentry course at Yarrabah...

 On the 1st of march I left Woree at about 7am so I could get to work early to set up and mark some assessments. as I was driving up Pine Creek Road I was going up the range and as I crossed hospital creek I seen something run across the road..

To describe what I seen I'd say it's was about 7and a half ft tall with dark matted dark hair all over it's face and body....

I thought I was dreaming and I got to the shed on Back Beach Road I opened up and done all my stuff and I was sitting having a smoke and one of the guys I was training ask if I was ok as I seemed a bit off.. So I told him I saw what I thought was a Bigfoot a big hair thing and he told me that it was a tall man or hairy man and that they are all thru the range He also told me there are little hairy men as well which they call the egg man....

On another time the took me fishing all they way down Back Beach Road to where a river meets the coral sea called Bada Badu.. When I was in the middle of nowhere about 10 kms from any houses I could feel myself being watched and I could hear something running thru the bush and it was no scrub turkey....

I told my friend Morris I was with and he told me they the tall man or hairy man was watching because Not many white fellers go there and that we were safe....

If you have any other questions just drop me another email and I'll
Be happy to help.











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