Location: Owens Creek, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2017

Time: Midnight




I hunt feral pigs, and this night I was missing a couple of dogs (I’d actually lost 6 dogs in 6 months that year), and in the dead of night I was going down the road on my quad whistling and calling out for my dogs and listing for them.


In the corner of my eye I caught a guava tree going from side to side. I was focussing on the tree, and then saw this thing beside the tree whooping it from side to side while looking at me. Then it took off in a flash knocking trees over as it was running.


Then it circled around these trees, circling around to my back and that’s when I got the hell out of there.


It’s strange up here. In the rain forest there’s no animals. There’s no lizards, no birds, no anything, just a few feral pigs. One time a neighbour left a message saying he could hear a dog barking by the creek, which was one of my dogs. When I went up there, there was a bitch, but not the dog I was looking for. She started curling up at my feet and wouldn’t move from my feet and acting really weird. There was something in the rainforest just off the creek, it was big and crunching through the bush.



[Witness Sketch - Owens Creek]



When I saw the one shaking the tree, it was about 20m away. I was riding a quad bike with a hunting spotlight, so it was pretty well lit up. Its hands and face had shorter hair, while the rest of its body was shaggy and knotted from head to toe. It wasn’t much taller than me, but it was easily 3 times as wide. It could have been 200kg, possibly more, it was solid with huge shoulders and big body. It was a dirty dark brown with a red tinge.


It had gripped the tree about halfway up and was whooping it. The top of the guava tree was being flung down hitting the ground. It was beating the ground from side to side. It was doing it to get my attention, I think. At first, I looked at the tree and though what the hell is that tree doing? Then I focussed a bit more and saw it standing beside the tree. It was like it wanted to be seen. Maybe I was near its family and it was trying to draw my attention away from them? It was shaking the tree so I would look at it and it wasn’t trying to hide.


After he took off around the trees, I could hear him coming back around behind me and that’s when I bailed. I was armed with a 12gauge pump action shotgun full of solid rounds but when I noticed the trees it was hitting where getting closer it was doing a big loop and coming back around towards me that's when I felt for the first time in my life a fear I've never known. My gun was not going to be of any use. I took off flat out on my quad bike faster than I've ever ridden before. I was too afraid to look behind me. Things were bouncing and flying off the bike everywhere.


It took about 3hrs of questioning from my missus before I told her what had happened and never told another person for 2 months. I have lived in the mountains here for over 20yrs and spent many nights alone in the bush hunting feral pigs, which I have done since I was 10yrs old I consider myself a very experienced hunter and very efficient with a firearm – but it wouldn’t have been of any use.

It was lighting fast. Faster than any person. There’s no way a person could run like that.


I haven’t really told anyone around here about it. I don’t want them to think I’m a crazy person living up here on the hill. I don’t think anyone wold believe


I was pretty shaken up. I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared. I was really fearing for my life.




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