Location: Palm Beach, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: September, 1979

Time: 4.30pm

[Male Witness]





It was before the construction of the M1 (Pacific Highway) and the estates around that area such as Elanora to the west. I was living on Manus Avenue in Palm Beach.


Myself and a friend of mine who I went to school with, used to go down to Manilla Avenue on our bikes and just behind that was all pine forest. There was a section that was bulldozed down for the Highway. On top of the hill was an old abandoned house that was probably built in the 50’s and we’d go in there and muck around. The bulldozers left big mounds of dirt, so we would jump our bikes over those. We did this a couple of times a week and weekends when we had nothing else to do.


One late afternoon after school we were out going over the jumps and we saw a new road that had been bulldozed through the pine forest, so we decided to go for a ride down there. About a minute into the ride, there was this almighty stench that was so strong, I could feel it go into my lungs and made me feel like vomiting. We stopped and I said there was something dead around here, let’s see if we can find it.


When I looked at my friend, he was looking straight ahead and his jaw dropped. His mouth dropped and I looked in the direction he was looking and I didn’t see anything to begin with, but I heard this noise that sounded like a bear and a lion all in one. It was a low and a high pitch screech at the same time – and it went straight through our bodies. I felt my rib cage shake. Then I saw it. It was about 30 metres ahead of us to our left and it had its arms up in front of it. It was behind a pine tree with its hands above its head on the tree and it was just staring at us.


I absolutely crapped myself. I looked at my mate and we basically just picked up our bikes and nailed it out of there. I had tunnel vision, I didn’t even look around. I think I made it home in about 20 seconds!


At the time as a kid it looked about 20 feet tall, but now looking back it was probably about 7 or 8ft. It began whipping a tree back and forth, and it was a big tree as it was looking at us. Its eyes were red. The sun was behind it and I saw it from head to toe.


Witness Sketch


We never went back there again, in fact I never went passed Manilla Avenue again.


Because of the colour of it and the colour of the pine trees, at first I didn’t see it because it blended, but when I did see it, I was looking into its eyes. Just when we picked up our bikes was when it started shaking the tree. I don’t know how it did it, the power it must have had to do that would be mind blowing. The tree would have been at least 40ft high.


The eyes were a pinky red, and the whites were kind of a dirty white, maybe a browny yellow like when someone gets jaundice. It was like the eyes were talking to you.


The first thing I thought when I saw it was gorilla. I didn’t see ears, but his head seemed pushed down on his forehead. His head was small for his body because he was 4ft wide and I don’t remember seeing a neck at all. It was like head stuck on his shoulders. The hair didn’t look matted or dirty. The eyes were set pretty wide apart. He would have been 7 to 8ft tall about a minimum of 250kg. He was absolutely huge. He was so profound with the size, the sound and the smell. It was all you could feel and think and smell, like it was letting you know that you should not be here. It was terrifying. I had nightmares for 3 or 4 nights after that.


Its arms were longer than a humans. From the elbows to the hands was a lot longer, like a monkey, Oranatan or gorilla. It was very muscular. He wasn’t defined like a Bodybuilder, he was more straight up and down. He was a dark red colour or a dirty dark drown.


When it made the sound, it was like a military weapon. It physically shook me. It didn’t open its mouth that much at all, maybe an inch or two. It was like it threw the sound. It was like he was pointing the sound at us. It was so strange. It was almost like I could see the sound. It was like when I used to play in bands and the bass in the subwoofer would shake you. It was like that, but like it was directed. Infrasound?


When I first saw it, it was like everything just stopped. It was like time just stopped and everything went into slow motion.


It had more of a Neanderthal look because it had some human features. I think this thing is seriously intelligent.


If you see a dog barking at you, you see the dog, you see its teeth and hear the bark. With this, it wrapped you in sound and wrapped you in its intelligence. It’s a whole different experience. It was like this ting was from another galaxy. It’s so indescribable.


I wrestle with this for months at a time trying to find a description that matches it, and I still can’t do it. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s definitely intelligent and it knows what its doing.


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