Location: Ormeau, Queensland

Event: Yowie Encounter (?)

Date: May 2005

Time: Dusk

[Male Witness - Between Norfolk and Ormeau]



I’m an Ormeau local and have lived here on and off for around 16 years, which is before most of the new estates. I prefer anonymity.

I was with a mate "T" after school we used to make the trip to the Norfolk skate park on our bikes. We used to cross the Highway from Pimpama Rivers Estate and head to Norfolk on the other side of the highway past the Shearers football field. The old highway, the road itself ended not long after and turned to bush and open fields then bush again that got a bit thicker and there a creek bed had developed we used to try and jump the mud or sometimes climb through bikes and skateboards above our heads.. and then the old road would open up staggered in parts. So this was no easy mission, still faster than the other side of the highway.

So on to the encounter.

We were at the skate park until a fair bit later than normal and I assume it must have been around May, as dusk caught us a lot quicker then we realised. So we start the journey home and not long before the river crossing my front wheel got punctured. Great!!
So we continued on the journey but much slower and we hear this smashing sound through the trees. Like something just pushing everything out of its way. So we stop, it stops. WTF! is that. We continue and it happens again getting closer. We stop, it stops. We continue on and we can hear it walking through the bush adjacent to us but now much closer and with footsteps that nearly matched us and our speed and movement perfectly. We go, it goes, we stop, it stops.

This continues for some time and we are petrified but we think it must be easily explainable.

We know we are getting to the section where the bush breaks sporadically to open areas. T says to me, " when we are about to get to the clearing, run!, Ill ride but won’t leave you." Even at 12 or 13 this kid was tough as guts. I would have probably rode off if I could at that age.

So we take off, and after a while we stop. No sign of anything and we continue along through a section of dead trees and a small path we have created, and it was almost in a horror movie cryptid perfection how the moonlight lit our path.

It must have been close to full moon, and out of nowhere it starts again. We go it goes, we stop it stops etc.


We get through that section and its opens up to clear area again and we run. This time I look back and as we are about to reach the next section of bush I see this huge dark creature start to sprint from the tree line. Shit hit the fan, I screamed run and we took off. I through my skateboard off my back and jumped on the bike flat tyre or not, and took off at this point.

We were close to the football field and the lights were on so we just went as hard as could for the next couple of minutes and there was more open area, thick bush and we eventually make it back to the road and we didn’t stop till we reached the top roundabout.

We didn’t really speak too much about it which was strange. I’m going to be sending T a copy of this because this is the first time I have recounted this story in a long time. I hope he remembers but I doubt he would forget.


I will never forget the sight of this thing and how petrified I was.

Like I said. Shit hit the fan, but it looked like it was covered in a layer of course hair that was thicker up the top. It had long hock legs like a dog that like doubled over on themselves, broad shoulders and a face almost half dog half human.


I’m sure this thing was playing with us or like challenging us? I’m sure it could have been in our faces before we could blink and this whole ordeal went on for a fair while.







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