Location: Jacobs Well, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: December 2014

Time: 11pm

[3 Female Witnesses]

Report taken by Gary Lynn on behalf of AYR



Number of witnesses: 3 – Linda, and her two daughters, daughter 1 was driving, Linda was seated front passenger, daughter 2 was seated in the back seat.


Jacobs Well, local cane fields along Kerkin Rd

Initial distance of sighting: approx 45m

Sighting duration: less than 1 minute


Yowie features: Approx. 8ft tall, very muscular stocky build, black hair at a short to medium length, arm length was too or just past the knees. Appearance was that of an older male, no breasts were seen. The eyes reflected red from the car lights, but did not seem to be self illuminating.


The sighting happened as Linda, and her two daughters were on their way home form the Castaway Café, after an Xmas dinner. They travelled south east along Kerkin Rd N at approximately 11pm, the sugar cane appeared to at a maximum height that would reflect it was ready for harvest.


The being appeared out of the cane from the left side of the vehicle at approximately 45m ahead, this would be from the east, ocean side.  As their car approached it stopped and froze, like it was stunned to see the vehicle there. It did not appear to move at all for the duration of the encounter.


Its was very large, stocky, and muscular. Also described as having ‘no neck’. The arms hung down too or just below the knees, it gave the witnesses the impression of being an older male. The eyes reflected red in the car headlights, but did not seem to self illuminate, Linda stated it was much like the reflection of usual wildlife in the area.


After much panic over what they were seeing, the decision was quickly made to accelerate and leave the location as fast as possible.


Witness states it was a clear night illuminated by the moon.







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