Location: Atherton, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1986

Time: 11.30pm


[Male Witness]






It was completely and utterly terrifying.


When I was 13, I was a foster kid and in foster homes. At this particular home at the time, we had arguments about going to Church, and on this night I walked out in anger.


I wandered up to the town lookout at Hallorans Hill. You have to go up and over a hill and down the other side a bit. You have to go back the way you came because it drops off down the sides of the hill.


It was about 11 to 11.30pm, and I went and sat on one of one of the picnic tables stewing [about the argument]. I could hear something in the grass down the hill, but I didn’t worry about it. While I was there, I noticed something had suddenly changed – all the crickets and bugs had gone quiet.


Whatever was in the grass got louder and louder as it came up through the grass right behind me. I was about 3 metres away from the edge of the grass. It was blade grass that came up above your head.


Before I could even turn around, something loud behind me growled. It was so loud and deep with bass, it was like a roar. It was so loud my first thought was there was a bear behind me. The first roar was the loudest, but it kept going, growling, and I could hear this really strange beathing, like a deep wafting hrrr hrr hrrrrrr sound.


I very slowly stood up from the table and turned around, and couldn’t see it. Whatever it was, was hidden by the grass.


I had to go back the way I came, so I slowly went up the hill. I walked very very slowly, and because I was so scared, and I didn’t want to turn my back on it, so I walked backwards.


It started to flank me in the grass, following me. I started to kind of power walk. As I looked back I could see a large swath of grass moving and following me. It was still growling the whole time up the hill. I kept walking faster backwards up the hill. By the time I felt myself get to the top of the hill, it was about 15 to 20 metres away from me. At that point, I turned and ran. I ran down hill. I ran for my life.


I expected it to barrel me over. I thought it was going to attack me the moment I turned my back on it. I looked over my shoulder a few times and there was nothing behind me. When I got ¾ of the way down the hill, I stopped and looked back.


For a second, I thought there was nothing there, but then I realised there was this massive shape in the middle of the road. It was a huge black shape. I peered at it and it became clear. It was like a huge massive muscular thing crouched with its arms out and fists on the road with its elbows bent. It looked identical to the AYR Audio Report #150.


Image from AYR Witness Audio Report #150


It cocked its head while staring at me, like when you make a noise to a dog and it puts its head to the side. It cocked its head at me like that and I just turned and ran. I ran all the way home.


It terrified me. I couldn’t go back to that place for years. It wasn’t until my 20’s until I went back there during the day. Even now, I don’t think I would go there at night.


It was so terrifying.


These days I think there’s houses higher up the hill and there’s lights. Back then it was dark.


I didn’t smell anything and I didn’t see it stand up. It was a massive muscular man shape crouched down and leaning forward looking directly at me. It had a giant head. It had a rounded head but conical, at the top. The width of the shoulders would had to have been at least 4ft wide and its head would have been over a foot wide. It was bigger than any human I’ve ever seen. My nephew is over 200kg and this thing was 3 times his size.


The way it was crouched didn’t make sense to me, and only recently I had watched that #150 report and I found that unnerving to see because that was almost identical position. It was crouched down low with its fists on the ground and its arms bent.


When it cocked its head, I knew it was looking at me. It was terrifying. It had kept following when I ran. Then I got to a streetlight.


It had a massive build. Massive arms, head and shoulders. When it growled, I could feel it vibrate through my chest. It was such a loud low bass sound. I could feel it vibrate through my whole body and my bones [infrasound]. It started as a growl and became so loud, it was like a roar. People living a kilometre away would have heard this thing. I can’t mimic the rumble and the bass of it. It was so clear. It was a massive animal that made it. That’s why I first thought big bear. That was the only comparison I cold make.

Image our Witness found on the internet that also had a crouching position very similar


I don’t know how I even managed to stand up. I was so scared. I couldn’t turn my back to it. I thought if I turned my back, it would have attacked me. When I went back in my 20’s, I didn’t even get out of the car.


I always had the feeling it was on its way going somewhere, and because I was sitting there so quietly, it didn’t know I was there until it was right up on top of me. It could have attacked me, but it didn’t. I felt that it just wanted me out of my way, and I feel like it knew I was only a kid.









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