Location: Bahrs Scrub, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2009

Time: 11pm




Hi Dean,

Around 2009 I was travelling with my ex partner about 11pm through Bahrs Scrub – (heading from Bahrs Scrub Road) on Prangley Road before Carol St.


It would have been about 40 metres away when we first saw it. It was standing there facing the car and looking like it was going to cross the road. As we drove passed it, it went down from two legs to all fours and ran across the road behind us into the bush on the other side.


Theirs is no way a Human could mimic its movements. It moved like a Gorilla and way too fast for a Human. Plus is was massive.


It had dark black hair all over it. It was tall with thick broad shoulders, and quite thick all over. It was at least 7ft tall.


It ran like a Monkey or Gorilla. The same as their hand and feet placements coordinate when they move.  


I felt numb. I turned and said “Did you see….” And he said “Yes”.

I just sat there staring and going over it in my head and looking back.


It didn’t really affect me after when I think about it now, because my Pop had an encounter on Stradbroke Island years ago that he used to tell us about. He said is was going through his fishing gear while he sat there still, and then it just wandered off. They did a Report in the local paper with a cartoon figure coming up behind him going through his fishing gear. He used to tell the story a lot and the story never changed.







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