Location: Landsborough

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: August, 2020

Time: 2.30 – 3.30am

Witness: Male




Strange experience Steve Irwin Way Ewen Maddock Dam Bridge Area

I'm terrible with remembering dates etc... which is partly why I’m trying to write this down somehow...


So Sometime Around  July - August?.2020..time approx 2.30 to 3.30 am.. I was driving home it was pretty clear night not much cloud around if any as I can vaguely remember.


As I write this, I’m struggling with how to word it. I don't want to do an audio report. It’s probably not worth it. I just had to get this off my chest. You may read this and brush it off as just weather related but it's been kind of bugging me in a way...and I tried to recreate the scenario many, and I mean many times after. I drive through that section looking for something/anything/ hoping that I might just see something that could explain it in more realistic way...


I work nights on the road and I travel that section of road pretty much most nights..

I'm approx 50 years old and I've been driving for at least 30+ years and worked on the road at night for a fair few years.


I'm very familiar with what animals we have in the Australian bush...

And I'm familiar with what fog, weather and changing light and shadows effects can have at certain times of night...


I was traveling south east over the Ewen Maddock Bridge ...

And as I go through that section I go back and forth with high and low beam to try to see any roos or whatever along the roadside. Looking for movement, eyeshine etc as it's common to see a few roos now n then close to edge of the road.


As I've reached somewhere nearly around the South-eastern guardrail end... just before it starts to bend left...I was doing approx 80kph and I was scanning as usual for movement... 


I looked to the left-hand side of the road about 150 to 200m ahead and thought to myself WTF is that...


I've noticed something Rather Big and upright and looking like it was walking to the left side of the road... I watched it move maybe 3 metres to the left... there are some 80k speed signs And another blue sign for the caravan park ahead just near where it happened. Whatever it was, was just heading off the road into the ditch/ drain on the left side and like it was going to go into bushes and Paperbark trees near the property in that area?


I could see what looked like definite bipedal motion and arm movement, like a strange purposeful movement, as if it was going somewhere. Which is what got my attention.


It was just about to cross the drain then it completely changed directions in a blink of an eye almost like in a panic and kind of strafed/sideways/floated across to the other side of the road in what seemed like 2 to 3 seconds or even less...


And its a pretty wide road especially from tree line to tree line. It moved so quickly across the road that it was kind of mesmerising, like time slowed down or something.

It went from the left hand side road/drain heading towards the bush to the right side of the road and squatting down in between paperbark trees and then disappearing as I passed the crossing area.


I'd say whatever it was, was approx 6ft to 6.5ft max.

It wasn't as big as the speed signs that I have come to think of as a measurement guide.


It looked like a shiny random blend of a blackish brown to grey... the kind of shiny a healthy dog or horse coat of hair, which made me think why is that type of shiny. It was Very solid and hunched over. When it crossed the road, it looked at least a metre wide.


I didn't see eyes. I didn’t see a neck.. I didn't smell anything as I was driving with windows up at 80kph...


I didn't really see any length of hair or actual hair apart from the colour. I first saw whatever it was about Maybe 150 to 200m away so I couldn't really make out any distinguishing features...


But as I got to where I'd been watching it cross the road...It seemed to just disappear into trees, squatting down as I passed...

It's hard to explain as my brain was trying to explain it away as fog the whole time..

Even though I knew it wasn't and couldn’t have been ...I’m used driving through fog working in fog etc... Fog just doesn't change directions like. Plus that and travel across the road in a split second making a b line and squat down in-between some Paperbark trees.


After having this strange experience I've gone out of my way many times when going through a patch of fog to watch what it does how it behaves moves etc.. Even turning the vehicle around and driving back into it etc..


I've pondered on it a fair bit and thought how can I explain this or justify this or something...I know that section of road very well. After looking at Google maps I've realised there is a track and a few tracks on the right hand side that goes down into the bush around the dam.. pretty much right where the trees are where it squatted and disappeared.


I've travelled through there more times than I can count, before and after that, and I’ve never seen anything even remotely similar. As much as I seriously want to just see something that I can close the little folder/file in my head and put it down to reality. And to be honest a large part of my brain just wants it to be fog...even though I saw what I saw...


You guys probably won't think much of this after hearing and experiencing some of the interesting encounters yourselves and from others..

But like I said I kind of wanted to get this off my chest.


I'm sure I've left a lot out and can't remember finer details, but it is what it is..


Thanks for your time.






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