Location: Leyburn, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date of Sighting: 2008





My daughter was going to work at about 5am and heard a growling noise in the shed. When they came home, they found footprints in the shed.


The next day, the 3 kids were alone home after School. They were trying to text her at work saying something was wrong. This thing was around the house banging on the windows and walls.


Everyone over the period of 4 weeks had heard it crashing around the house at night, and two of the kids had actually seen it. On one occasion it was seen by my daughters partner walking passed the window at night. He went out after it, but it headed off into the bush and he couldn’t catch up with it.


One of the girls saw it in a tree watching the house, and she got a really good look at it.


At first they thought it may have been an animal escaped from the Zoo because it was kind of Monkey’ish.


One night about 4 or 5 of them were watching movies when this thing started bashing on the window.



My daughter’s son who had seen it said it looked more like an Ape, and it had very large shoulders and a fair sized head. He was always on about how big its hands were. It had white hair and black hair inside the arms and legs.


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