Location: Smithton, Tasmania

Event: Possible Yowie Sighting

Date: 1992 and recent

Time: Day




This was around 1992. We were out shooting and we saw a set of eyes. We sat there looking at them for a good 20 minutes, this was 3 or 4 of us, and as soon as we started moving towards us it just bolted off. When we got over there, I was standing on the back of the truck and I ended up being eye height with it.


We always hunted there as kids and we always felt we there was something there. The dogs would always be looking back and were a bit flighty. Another time we were there we heard these footsteps going boomp, boomp, boomp boomp boomp over the bank and we ran down to look and all we could see was a black figure.. We saw what looked like the back of the head and shoulders. It looked fairly tall. The strides of the running sounded wide and heavy. It moved, it was fast.


This and the eyes were about 6 months apart


Then there was nothing for about 12 months, and then were out Lobstering and we came across 2 footprints. It looked like it had stepped down off the bank into the soft stuff, tried to step over the creek and stepped back into the soft stuff again. It was a 5 or 6ft stride. Nobody would have been walking in the bush where we were in bare feet. And these feet were pretty big.


Then about 10 minutes later we heard this noise in the bush. We’ve been out there since we were kids and know all the noises animals make and wasn’t any of that. Then we were out skinning wallabies and we heard the same noise again. That’s a noise you don’t forget.


Recently, we were at place out there where nobody had been. There were no motorbike tracks and nothing had been moved. We found more footprints about 4 different sizes in the leafy undergrowth. On one, just the heal would have been 4-1/2 to 5” wide. I lay down my 9” knife and that was lucky to go halfway along the length of the foot.


In the same area we have found stick structures and tee-pees and bent over trees.



I was a skeptic up until this.






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