Location: Cranbourne/Hallam, Victoria

Event: Yowie Sightings

Date: 1983/87




In 1987 in the state of Victoria, Australia, I sighted a yowie outside Cranbourne as a volunteer fire-fighter while investigate piles of burning railway sleepers besides a railway line.    

This was my second time I had seem a yowie, as I had seem a yowie in 1983 in Hallam with my sister at a creek that slice through cattle fields that back up to a large housing estate, were we live.

What’s so strange about these sightings, as the yowie was seen in farming land which backs onto new housing estates, nor was there was any bushland of forests in this area.    

Cranbourne and Hallam, are outer suburbs of Melbourne.    

The area were the yowie was seem, was farming and grass land, with hardly any trees around, mostly just along the railway line, or the odd bunch of trees sitting in the
middle of fields, which was used mostly for cattle.

In the 1987 sightings, the beast was also seem by my father and several other fire-fighters from the Hampton Park fire brigade, all from a distance. I was lucky to have see the beast up close, as I did give pursuit of the yowie with the aim of trying to captured it
as a means of coming rich and famous.   

I was on foot at the time when I first sighted the beast as my Father who was driving the small four wheel tanker was further down the line, were another fire crew was with a larger tanker.  They was just investigating as no real effort was been made to put the burning piles of sleepers.

It appears railway line workers was just burning off old sleepers in piles along the line.  I had a nap sack and told by my father who is a officer to put out a pile of sleepers.

When I first spotted the yowie walking along the railway line towards myself, I thought it was a man at first, but as it got closer, the way, it walk and act, I quickly realize it was not a man. 

Having seem a yowie before, I quickly realize what it was. The beast came within around 100 metres of myself, before heading into the grass field, were I give pursuit on foot.     However my father along with the other crew had also sighted the beast, and quickly follow me through the field, were they both manage to catch up with myself, were I was ordered to abandon the chase at once. 

My Father was saying just leave whatever it was alone, since it wasn't harming anyone.  It does appeared he knew what it was. Later, he changed his story, saying why did I bother and chase after that man for. 

 The crew on the tanker did see the beast vanished over a hill top in the field, yet none wanted to give pursuit.  It does appear some knew what it was.

I was pissed off over this as here was my chance to make history, yet my Father prevented this from happening.  At the same time I guess it was a good thing since I was unarmed and obviously the beast would put up a fight if cornered by myself.






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