Location: Cranbourne, Victoria


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: 1982








Myself, my brother and friend Ingrid, my dog were walking back from the botanical gardens. This was in 1982 and they weren’t open to the public yet, and we used to play in the ferns that grew amongst the trees.


You had to walk along the path to get back to the road were we parked our bikes. Half way back to our bikes the tea trees to the left of us began to shake in just one spot. Grunting growling noises were coming from behind the trees.


My dog Spot took off like a rocket with his tail between his legs, we just stood and looked for a second then we joined Spot in running for our lives. It was a very scary encounter with whatever was behind the trees. I was so scared that I left my jumper caught on the barbed wire fence as I tried to get through.


The next day about ten of us went back in the middle of the day to see if we could find anything. My jumper was still on the fence so I retrieved it and we went to the spot that the trees had been shook.


Four of the boys tried shaking the trees like we had seen the day before but they couldn't shake them like we had seen the night before. My brother was convinced it was a Yowie as he and his friend had claimed to have seen a big hairy creature two years before, and were so scared they left their bikes behind to run home.

The Cranbourne sand pits backed onto the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens and there was a lot more wilderness back then.  And only a quarter of the houses that are there now.

Other comments : One day while riding small ponies in the sand pits there were 6 of us on the ponies & we were cantering along a sandy track when all of a sudden all of the ponies stopped at once and turned and started to bolt away from the direction we were riding in, Tracey who was in front said that a tall ape like creature had walked onto the path in front of her pony.


As soon as we heard this we galloped the ponies home. This was in 1983 one year after the tree shaking incident.











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