Location: Emerald, Victoria


Event: Yowie Aggression


Date of Sighting: 1988


Date of report: Unknown


Source: Unknown Newspaper Report. (Estimate to be the 80’s)


Witness: “Vic” (Alias)








The Monster apparently chased a plasterer working in Emerald and lifted and rocked his car. “Vic”, the plaster, told his workmate Douglas Bombardieri, of Mountainfeild Road, Kilsyth, the beast was two legged, black with enormous strength and feet.



It also made a sound like an “Elephant running in galoshes”, and apparently had the knack of throwing objects Boomerang Style. The beast was first sighted in Emerald three weeks ago. It later returned to a house in the area to leave two footprints outside a front window. The prints were found by Mr.Bomardeiri who made a plaster cast of them. One footprint measured 16 centimetres across and 21 centimetres long.



Other prints, discovered by Mr. Bombardeiri near a creek close by, stood four feet apart.


He believed “Vic” invaded the beast’s territory. “Vic”, who wants to remain anonymous, went to the creek bed three weeks ago, heard peculiar noises and felt that something was following him. Mr. Bombardeiri said “Vic” spun around but only heard something like an Elephant in galoshes moving in the bushes. “Vic” made a run for the car with the animal in pursuit.  He made it to his Ford Fairlane but, according to Mr. Bombardeiri, could not move the car. “He put the car onto third gear but the beast had hold of it. It then started to bounce the car up and down.”



Apparently “Vic” turned and saw two black shoulders and a big chest through the back windscreen. He put the car in reverse and knocked the beast to the ground, then fled. Later at home, “Vic” examined his car and found two huge muddy hand prints on the rear of the vehicle.




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