Location: Emerald, Victoria

Event: Rumours

Date: Oct, 2011

Time: 10am




I believe that there are animals out there that are yet to be explained, when I was working at the Emerald golf club, and living there, there were stories of panthers wandering the area and footprints being found.

I even got to speak to the man who found the footprints and another local who says he has seen them and heard them at night, who knows what’s up there, maybe a
good expedition?

I just know I used to hear a lot of strange noises which were frightening, it sounded like elephants in the trees and the people living at the time in a small house on the
property also heard these sounds, I grew up in the country so I know the sounds of Australia’s nocturnal animals in the trees and this was an enormous and frightening sound, but I never saw anything.

I think Emerald would be a good place for you to look for panthers and who knows
maybe a yowie or two.






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