Location: Harietville, Victoria (Caravan Park, backing onto thick scrub)


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: 1986





John B, was having a short break doing some fishing in a small town at the bottom of Mt. Hotham called Harietville, and was staying in the local caravan park. The van he stayed in was mounted on 2' high blocks, behind the van was bush and he was the only person staying in the park besides the care takers.


After a good day of fishing, he returned to the van. During the night there was a loud thump on the side of the van, then another. The van then preceded to rock back and forth with more thumping. Whatever it was then walked to the annex and began to scratch at the fly wire.


Thinking that it must have been some kind of joke, he walked to the door of the annex and peered out to see the chest of something large and hairy. It then ran off into the bush with no further action that night. He visited the care takers the following morning after little sleep the previous night, and they confirmed that there was no other travellers in the area.


The next night, the thumping started again, only this time the creature had climbed itself onto the roof of the van. Mr. B was very frightened by this stage. After jumping on the roof, the creature began to rock the van and continued to thump the side.


While it was close to a window, Mr. B had the courage to have a quick look out to see what it was. The van was on blocks 2' high, however the hairy Gorilla type Yowie stood much taller than the window which would have made him at least 8' tall according to Mr. B.


The next day, shaken over the past two nights ordeal, he called his brother who lived a couple of hours away to sleep the night with him and witness what he had experienced the past couple of nights. Skeptically, his brother agreed.


That night the same thing happened, and the two men rode the night out then promptly left in the morning and never returned.


Notes: No doubt that this is a true story. I have spoken at length with the Brother of Mr. B and I must say that the men were clearly shaken by the events and that Mr. B is of the highest integrity.










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