Location: Harrietville, Victoria

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: July, 2015

Time: Before Dusk



Friday afternoon we went out hunting with my Dad. I’ve been hunting since I was 8 years old and never seen anything like this. My Dad and Uncle are from Old School, pretty much skeptics. I’ve always looked at my Dad as strong, but after this day he’s been very quiet. Basically we saw this very large, whatever you want to call it, Bigfoot?, it was about 8ft tall. It was huge.


We had just walked over an embankment. There was about an hour of good light left. As we were walking around, I could hear heaving running footsteps and some really weird sounds. I know animals but this sound was really weird. I had this feeling that I can’t explain. It kind of shocked me. My Dad and Uncle were totally unaware.


We came over the rise, looked down the valley and saw this thing. It was just standing there next to a tree. If it didn’t move a bit I might not have seen it. Dad and my Uncle didn’t see it, they were too busy having a chat. I was silent and after about a minute of staring at it, I said “Dad, look down there”. I tell you, I was terrified. Dad said “What. I can’t see anything”. They must have thought I was mucking around. I said there’s something down there. I’m pointing, Dad is looking, and then he sees it and his face just……. I’ve never seen him like that before. We all saw it. It was just standing there looking at us.


It was about 40 – 50 metres away.



It just stood there looking up at us and we just stood there almost like we were paralysed. My Uncle is big and he was standing there shaking. We didn’t know what to do. Dad and my Uncle had 30/30 rifles. I had a .22


We stood watching it for 3 to 4 minutes and then it casually turned around and walked off through the scrub. My Dad was white.


It was big. 8ft. Its chest and shoulders were massive. Its arms proportion was all wrong. The arms came down below the knees. Its chest was huge. It had no neck. It was a dark in colour. Either black or dark brown. Its eyes were distinguishable. Looking back I wished we had a camera or something, but at the time we didn’t do sh*t.



Its body was the same as what you would typically read about an American Bigfoot, but the head wasn’t cone shaped, it was more of a rounded head. It had hair on its face. Its face didn’t resemble a primate, it had more characteristics of a human like face. The face was more human, but the body was not. It was the biggest thing I’ve ever seen. It was huge.


I’m pretty sure there must have been two because when I was hearing the guttural noises, it was close. The sound waves felt like they were penetrating my body. I could feel the noise, if that makes sense. But when we saw it, it was further away than that.



Afterwards we stood there for about 5 minutes, silent.

Although my Uncle will talk about it since, my Dad refuses to.



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