Location: Moe, Victoria


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: 1995







Sighted: Yowie "sweeping trees". Mr. 'R' of Frankston, when 14 years old recalls his first Yowie sighting north of the Moe, in Victoria. Mr. 'R' says, "I was on School camp at the time, in a place North of Moe, which is in the Gippsland area.


I'm not too sure of the exact location, but I could find out.


We were hiding, in hope to scare some of the people while they were on their way back from a "spotlight". My friends were hiding on the side of a 4WD track, while I went back to see if anyone was coming.


When I ran back down the track drawing closer to my friends, they came racing past me, and that's when I saw the 7' Yowie walking ahead on the track. It walked up the track and waded through the thick scrub and "sweeping" through 4" trees that were in its way.


It had very broad shoulders, no smell and it was dark brown.


You could hear the branches break as it walked through the bush. I ran as fast as I could, and it didn't seem to notice me, it just kept on walking.


The next day we saw a heap of dense bush that resembled a nest, but we were far too scared to have a closer look being only 14 at the time."










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