Location: North of Moe, Victoria


Event: Sighting


Date: 1950's


Terrain: National Forest






Well first my friends made a noise I was curious then they panic and made a quick get away and by that time I had reach where they were standing and I saw what they ran from and for about 5 sec before I ran I saw a large Yowie well it appeared to be, nearly 7 feet just wading through the scrub east I was facing North.


It was very broad shoulders much larger that describe by bigfoot sightings there was no smell but there was sound only branches snapping it appeared to be dark brown but it was dark. For those few days we heard a lot of bushes rustling at night and we saw a object that looked like what people describe as a nest but we didn't go to close.


I was only 14 and very afraid, nobody believed us and we forgot about it. IT never really bothered me.


Mountain hills scrub bush Forrest dry Aussie bush. We were not doing anything just on School Camp and we were just hiding and stuff that night trying to scare people we were away from the main group. I don't know of any myself except a few that happened like in the 50's or something. I ask my grandparents who lived in that area for a while.


The place is very remote once you get into the Australian bush unless you go back the way you came there is nothing or anyone around.


Yes there are a lot of reports from farmers who live at the edge of the bush along the great dividing range who get chased on their horses and so forth.


Where I was is one end of the great dividing range.










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