Location: Noojee, Victoria

Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: 1984

Terrain: Farm paddock adjoining Pine plantation






My husband and I were visiting friends, and were out rabbit shooting in some paddocks off the road by the farmhouse. I was in the cab of a Toyota Landcruiser Trayback, with one of our friends, my husband and the others were on the tray. It was dusk, so we had the headlights on, but not dark enough to have the spotlights on.


We were about half way down the paddock, which was quite steep down toward the pine plantation, when I saw something dark in the headlights. It was on the plantation side of the fence. There was a clearing of about 2-3 metres between the fence and the start of the pine trees.


This thing had its back to us, and its hands and arms were up in front of the face doing something to a tree. It turned sideways, looked at us, dropped its hands and disappeared into the trees. The male friend driving the truck spun the vehicle around quickly and went straight back to the farmhouse. The four men on the back had no idea what was happening.


We probably saw it for about 20 seconds. It was the size of a doorway with a head on top. It had wide shoulders and thick set legs and arms. It had been standing with its legs apart. It was a dark brown colour covered in long hair which added to the bulk of the animal. The hair looked the same all over. The head just seemed plopped on the shoulders; I remember thinking that the head seemed narrow for the width of the body.


It took 3 or 4 steps into the trees and it was gone. It seemed to just amble off; it didn't bolt off or anything. It was too dark to see any facial features when it walked off. I would describe it as a rather upright gorilla type creature, but had a more human stance. I guess it was more human than animal.


The area is a very remote spot, the farmhouse was rarely used. No-one knew we were going to be there, so it couldn't have been someone in a suit.


A few years after the sighting, there were more stories of other sightings in the Neerim area.


I tried to locate other people to talk to, but couldn't locate anyone.



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