Location: Falls Creek

Event: Possible Yowie Sighting

Date: November 30, 2011




1am, Five mates and I were camping in November. 


We were in a 2 story building on the top floor looking out over an oval which was about 35 meters wide. 

One of my mates pointed at a wide tree on the edge of the oval. At first I could not see what he was looking at, and then we all saw a very hairy looking light coloured head with small dark eyes that you could just make out. 

We all freaked out by this thing that kept showing its self then popping its head behind the tree, which happened on and off for about 10 minutes. 

In the end there were only two of us watching because the others went into tell everyone else what was going on. While they were gone it poked its head out again, then put out its arm and looked like it grabbed something off a tree about 1 meter or so way from it. 

Then it was gone, but not long after we thought it had left, I and another friend heard a big stick snap. It was a loud crack, not a twig, the off into the distance. I then heard what sounded like a rock smash against another rock - you need hands to do that. 

Then yes there is more, about 5 mins after this happened up on the far side of the oval in the diastase we all clearly heard what sounded like a very deep moo, like a cow, but it was weird very deep and we all said that was not a cow, thus the only way I can explain it, and it is all mountains with no farms anywhere near.


It might sound like a bit of a good made up story, but there are 5 other witnesses that heard and saw exactly the same thing. We all know what we saw and heard so I thought I would let you know.












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